2002 AHEAD Conference

Hyatt Regency, Crystal City, VA (Washington, DC)

July 8 - 12, 2002

Materials available upon request. Please send email to ahead@ahead.org. Please note, AHEAD takes no responsibility for content, format, or availability of these materials.

  • 2001 - 2002 Quantum Leap in Access to Math, Science, and Engineering for Blind Students, John Gardner, PhD,
  • Access to Information Technology, Office of Civil Rights, Catherine Anderle, Esq. & Karla Ussery, Esq.,
  • Accommodating the Disability vs. Accommodating the Strategy: Implications for Extra Time AccommodationLoring C. Brinckerhoff & Manju Banerjee
  • Audio Matching Profile for Students, Loring C. Brinckerhoff & Manju Banerjee
  • Beyond Accommodations: Assistive Technology for Student Success, Linda Hecker
  • Confidentiality In Statute, In Policy, In Practice, Jane Jarrow, Michael Masinter, Brian Rose
  • Developing Disability Services, Richard Allegra, Trey Duffy, Kent Jackson, & Margaret Ottinger
  • Development and Presentation of Policies & Guidelines, Roderick C. Jungbauer
  • Federal Courts in Review: 2002, Paul D. Grossman, Esq. & Jo Anne Simon, Esq.,
  • Interpreting Diagnostic Assessments of Adults with Learning Disabilities, Janet Medina
  • Mind Mapping Software, E. A. Draffan
  • Processing Speed, Academic Fluency and Extended Test Time, Nicole Ofiesh, Sue Kroeger, & Carol Funckes
  • Students with Asperger's Syndrome in Higher Education: Parts 1 and 2, Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD, Lorraine Wolf, PhD, Ruth Bork, MEd.
  • Technologies for Accessing the Math and Science Curriculum, Jeff Gardner, PhD,
  • Transitions to Employment through Education Abroad Participation, Michele Scheib & Heather Harker, see also www.miusa.org.
  • Twenty-five Year Retrospective, C. Lendman, L. Block, V. Barr , also available is timeline
  • Using Digital Talking Books on Campus, Steve Noble & Jim Marks
  • Writing Quality Reports for Adolescents & Adults with LD, ADHD, and/or Psychiatric Disabilities, Loring C. Brinckerhoff & Louise H. Russell
  • OCR Year in Review