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Samples of Tools to Obtain Adequate Documentation and Documentation Guidelines

Two examples, one from a small, private, liberal arts college and one from a large research university.

Sample Intake U. of Minnesota Form (Word doc, 21KB)
Sample Intake Marist College Form (Word doc, 27KB)
Sample Documentation Form (Word doc, 23KB)

And the Educational Testing Service web site has another example of guidelines for a psychiatric disability.

Helpful website:

Current Research

Disability Services at the University of Minnesota recently completed (June 2003) an 18-month grant sponsored by the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education, "Needs Assessment Project: Exploring Barriers and Opportunities for College Students with Psychiatric Disabilities". The purpose of the project was to gather comprehensive data on the needs of college students with psychiatric disabilities, to identify the real and perceived barriers facing these students on college campuses, and to identify strategies for removing these barriers.

Through 39 semi-structured focus groups on 13 college campuses, the project explored and described the experiences of college students with psychiatric disabilities, the service providers who support them, and the college faculty members who provide educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The qualitative data gathered from the focus group participants provided clarity to common barriers and potential strategies for ameliorating those barriers.

A copy of the Executive Summary of the research is available which provides an overview of the project and summarizes the findings. For more information contact: Barbara Blacklock or Betty Benson, Disability Services, University of Minnesota.