Poster Sessions

We have scheduled two informative poster sessions for the AHEAD 2008 Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit all poster presentations, so pre-selection is not necessary. Below is a list of accepted poster presentations to date.

Poster Session One

Thursday, July 17th 8:30 am – 10:30 am

ACT Now: A Secondary-Post Secondary Transition Curriculum for Students with Disabilities
Laraine Demshock, Northampton Community College
Kathi Jo Weinert, Northampton Community College

Complexities of high school to college transitions compromise access and retention outcomes for students with disabilities. Developers of ACT Now will present this specially designed curriculum, available for purchase, to enhance student preparation and readiness levels through collaborative secondary to post secondary partnerships.

Entry Point: 12 Years of Successful Internships and Career Launches Equals Solid Recommendations to Help Students.
Jean Morrell, American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Entry Point internship program now has 12 years of career building internships and unique corporate/agency partnerships that have involved over 500 interns from colleges and universities nationwide. This poster session will consolidate much of the lessons learned and include stories and information from the students, the corporations and agencies, and the organizers that have participated since 1996, focusing on strategies, recommendations and assistive technology that help ensure entry into the field of science and technology.

Counselling on University and Disability (ADU): An Intersection Between Students and DS in Spanish Universities
Maribel Campo, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain
Miguel Angel Verdugo, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain
Emiliano Diez, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain

Counselling on University and Disability (ADU) is a nationwide service providing information about resources and supports. ADU gets in touch students with Disability Services in Spanish Universities. Our aim is for students with disabilities to be able to reach higher education and participate in university activities. It promotes equal opportunities and is a bridge to higher education.

Poster Session Two

Friday, July 18th 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Student perceptions of DSS provider knowledge: Results of a focus-group study
Brenda Lightfoot, University of North Texas
Zachery Sneed, University of North Texas

Mutual understanding and communication are necessary for effective disability services provision. DSS coordinators use interviews and documentation to gain information about students, but research has only partially revealed what students know and believe about DSS and DSS coordinators. This research presentation describes a focus group study exploring students’ perceptions on what DSS coordinators must know to provide effective services.

European Space for Higher Education (ESHE): Welcoming Policy Environment or Barrier to Students with Disability?
Maribel Campo, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain
Miguel Angel Verdugo, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain
Emiliano Diez, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain
Isabel Sancho, INICO. University of Salamanca, Spain

In 1999 the Bologna Declaration marked the beginning of a convergence towards a European Space for Higher Education (ESHE). This homogeneous and competitive system is based on three pillars: ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), promotion of student mobility, and guarantied quality of the degrees through independent accreditation. This situation implies challenges and risks to students in European universities.

The Intersection of Technology and Human-Based Accommodations: Preparing for the Next Transition
Ian Campbell, Central Washington University

This poster presentation will consist of live demonstrations of several adaptive technologies which are augmenting or replacing traditional services for college students with disabilities. Programs to be demonstrated include: WYNN Wizard Literacy Software, Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, Inspiration Concept Mapping Software, JAWS Screen Reading Software, Zoomtext Screen Enlargement Software and Open Book Scan and Read Software.