Links & Resources

Links for Service Organizations who want to Recruit Persons with Disabilities

Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)

Contacts to Regional AHEAD Affiliates
Find links to local and regional AHEAD affiliates. This would be a great starting point for locating new recruits.

AHEAD Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Here you can find discussion topics and contacts for the leaders of AHEADSIGs.


AmeriCorps Resource Page for Recruiting Disabled Volunteers
This resource page provides tips for recruiting members with disabilities. Includes information from Access AmeriCorps such as interviewing tips and suggesting for providing access.

AmeriCorps Program Directors Resource Guide to Disability Inclusion
This 32-page document provides detailed instructions for recruiting members with disabilities, resources, contacts, and checklists to ensure your program is accessible. Although it is developed for Iowa AmeriCorps, the information provides an excellent outline for programs anywhere.

Federal Disability Information

Federal Disability Information
Provides federal disability information and links for state and localresources.

National Service Inclusion Project (NSIP)

NSIP Recruitment Web Page
This web page provides guidance for organizations seeking more involvement for persons with disabilities. Included are suggestions for program materials and event planning.

Information that Service Organizations Should Know About Learning Disabilities
Information includes descriptions of various types of learning disabilities (LD), ways to identify and diagnose LD, and link for further information.

NSIP Disability Outreach Grantees
This link gives examples of organizations that have utilized funding through the Corporation for National and Community
Service (CNCS).

List of Disability Coordinators by State.
Provides names, e-mails, and phone contacts for state disability coordinators

Form to Request NSIP Assistance
Submit this form to request NSIP assistance for workshops, training, or strategic planning.

NSIP Links and Resources for Disabilities and Service Organizations
This page lists links to various resources and information on disability.