Concurrent Sessions Block 2

Wednesday, July 22nd 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

#2.1 Affordable Reading Systems
Gaeir Dietrich, HTCTU, California Community Colleges
Jayme Johnson, HTCTU, California Community Colleges

#2.2 Assistive Technology: A How-to-Guide for Incorporating Assistive
Technology Campus-Wide
Amy Danzo, Northern Kentucky University
Lisa Besnoy, Northern Kentucky University

2.2 Powerpoint Assistive Tech.pdf

2.2 Powerpoint Text Assistive Tech.rtf

#2.3 Classroom Observations: What Can be Learned From Being in the
Lydia Block, Ohio Wesleyan University
Christy Lendman, Lendman Educational Consulting

2.3 Classroom Observations Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.3 Powerpoint Classroom Observations.pdf

2.3 Handout 1.rtf

#2.4 MPLTL: Enhancing Access to Science/Math with Learning Technologies
and UDI
David Parker, Washington University in St. Louis
Christine Duden Street, Washington University in St. Louis

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2.4 Handout 2.pdf

2.4 Handout 2.rtf

2.4 Handout 3.pdf

2.4 Handout 3.rtf

2.4 Handout 4.pdf

2.4 Handout 4.rtf

2.4 Powerpoint MPLTL.pdf

2.4 Powerpoint Text MPLTL.rtf

#2.5 Foreign Languages and Students with Visual Impairments: How to
Kristina Clark, University of Texas at Arlington
Demarice Dumerer, University of Texas at Arlington

2.5 Powerpoint Foreign Languages.pdf

2.5 Powerpoint Text Foreign Languages.rtf

#2.6 Who am I? Understanding the Self-Concept of University Students
with Disabilities
Michael Brooks, Brigham Young University
Jenny Brooks, Brigham Young University - Adjunct
Derek Griner, Brigham Young University

2.6 Powerpoint Who Am I.pdf

2.6 Powerpoint Text Who Am I.rtf

#2.7 Symposium: Israel’s Unique Response to Meet the Needs of Adults
with LD/ADHD in Higher Education Part II
Susan Vogel, Northern Illinois University
Anat Ben-Simon, National Institute of Testing and Evaluation

2.7 Handout 1.rtf

2.7 Powerpoint Symposium.pdf

2.7 Powerpoint Text Symposium.rtf

#2.8 The Umbrella Approach to Disability Services
Elizabeth Irwin, Suffolk University
Kirsten Behling, Suffolk University

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2.8 Handout 3.rtf

2.8 Handout 4.rtf

2.8 Powerpoint Umbrella Approach.pdf

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#2.9 Using Electronic Mentoring Programs to Improve Transition to
College Outcomes
Bianca McArrell, The Ohio State University
Jennifer Earley, The Ohio State University Nisonger Center

2.9 Powerpoint Electronic Mentoring.pdf

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#2.10 Veterans as Students: An Honorable Task
Anna Escamilla, St. Edward’s University
Room: Segell

2.10 Veterans as Students Powerpoint.pdf

2.10 Veterans as Students Powerpoint Text.rtf