Information Sessions II

IS4 An Extension of the Rehabilitation Profession: Analyzing the Qualifications and Preparation of Disability Service Providers

IS4_Extension of Rehabilitation Profession Powerpoint Text.rtf

IS4_Extension of Rehabilitation Profession Powerpoint.pdf

IS5 Doing More with Less: Creative Disability Service Provision in Tough Economic Times

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IS6 Employment of People with Disabilities in the Federal Government: Schedule-A & Workplace Accommodations

IS6_Employment of People with Disabilities Powerpoint Text.rtf

IS6_Employment of People with Disabilities Powerpoint.pdf

IS7 Deafand Hard of Hearing Post-Secondary Learners: Their Experiences

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IS8 Convert It,Read It, Take It with You - Reading Without Boundaries

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IS9 Writing for the AHEAD Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

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