Block 1

1.1 Pulse Pen in Higher Education

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1.2 Making Your Mark in Disability Services as a New Professional

1.2_Making Your Mark Handout 1.pdf

1.2_Making Your Mark Handout 2.pdf

1.2_Making Your Mark Handout 3.pdf

1.2_Making Your Mark Powerpoint 2 Text.pdf.rtf

1.2_Making Your Mark Powerpoint 2.pdf

1.2_Making Your Mark Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.2_Making Your Mark Powerpoint.pdf

Ten Tips for New Disability Service Providers

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Disability Services as a Career-Why we love spite of it!

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1.3 Intersecting within Diversity on our Campuses & Profession

1.3_Intersecting within Diversity Powerpoint 2 Text.rtf

1.3_Intersecting within Diversity Powerpoint 2.pdf

1.3_Intersecting within Diversity Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.3_Intersecting within Diversity Powerpoint.pdf

1.4 Returning Veterans: Supporting the Transition to College from a Distance

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1.5 Documentation Gone Green: Operating the DS Office with Nominal Need for Documentation

1.5 Documentation Gone Green Handout 1.rtf

1.5 Documentation Gone Green Handout 2.rtf

1.5 Documentation Gone Green Handout 3.rtf

1.5 Documentation Gone Green Powerpoint.pdf

1.5_Documentation Gone Green Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.5 2010 - 2011 Accommodation Letter.docx

1.5 Internal Documentation Guidelines --- May 2010.docx

1.5 Published Documentation Guidelines --- May 2010.docx

1.6 Transitioning Students with Learning Disabilities into the World of Work

1.6_Transitioning Students Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.6_Transitioning Students Powerpoint.pdf

1.7 Part One: Access Basics and What Access Should Look Like: What's Required, How to Prevent or Handle Complaints or Litigation

1.7_Physical Access Handout 1.rtf

1.7_Physical Access Handout 2.rtf

1.7_Physical Access Handout 3.rtf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 2.pdf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 3 Text.rtf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 3.pdf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 4.pdf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.7_Physical Access Powerpoint.pdf

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 1

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 2

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 3

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 4

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 5

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 6

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 7

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 8

1.7_Physical Access Plan Review 9

1.8 Strategic Planning: A, B, C’s (Assessment, Budget and Communication)

1.8-DSS Program Management (PowerPoint)

1.8-CUA SL (DSS)DIV Dashboard Indicators and Assessment Inventory 5.xlsx

1.8-CUA SL DIV (DSS) Goals and Learning Outcomes Highlights 2.xlsx

1.8_Strategic Planning Handout 1

1.8_Strategic Planning Handout 2

1.8_Strategic Planning Handout 3

1.8_Strategic Planning Handout 6

2009-2010 SDS Blueprint 5-27 (1)(2).doc

2010-2011 SDS Blueprint(6-24).docx

DSS Program Management.rtf

SATs FY10 draft Short Version of Outcomes.docx

SDS Summary-Karen-2.doc

1.9 Transforming your Campus to Work with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders/Asperger’s Syndrome Part I

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1.10 Global Perspective of Challenges that Students with Invisible Disabilities Face

1.10 Global Perspectives Powerpoint

1.10_Global Perspectives Powerpoint Text

1.11 Assistive Technology 101: A Live Demonstration of AT in Action

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 1

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 2

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 3

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 4

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 5

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Handout 6

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Powerpoint

1.11_Assistive Technology 101 Powerpoint Text

1.12 LD/ADHD College Coaching: A Wellness Model Celebrating Diversity

1.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint.pdf

Session 1: Discover the Power of College Coaching: Not Just for Students with ADHD?

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1.13 Difference, Privilege, and Oppression: A Dialogue about Relationships and Responsibilities

1.13_Difference Privilege and Oppression Handout_make three copies.rtf

1.13_Difference Privilege and Oppression Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.13_Difference Privilege and Oppression Powerpoint.pdf

1.14 Resources Every Educational Interpreter Should Know About

1.14_Resources Every Educational Interpreter Powerpoint Text.rtf

1.14_Resources Every Educational Interpreter Powerpoint.pdf