Block 2

2.1 Universally-Designed Course Materials

2.1_Universally Designed Course Materials Handout 1.rtf

2.1_Universally Designed Course Materials Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.1_Universally Designed Course Materials Powerpoint.pdf

2.2 Infusing AHEAD’s Values into Service Delivery

2.2_Infusing AHEADs Values Handout 1.rtf

2.3 Disability as Just Another Form of Diversity

2.3_Disability as Just Another Form Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.3_Disability as Just Another Form Powerpoint.pdf

2.3_Disabilityas Just Another Form Handout 1.rtf

2.4 Cultural Experiences of College Students with Disabilities: How do Cultural Elements Support or Hinder Academic Progress?

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2.5 Disability Microaggressions: Increasing Institutional Sensitivity to Subtle Forms of Ableism

2.5_Disability Microaggressions Handout.rtf

2.5_Disability Microaggressions Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.5_Disability Microaggressions Powerpoint.pdf

2.6 The Economy and College Graduates with Disabilities: Access and Transition

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2.7 Part Two: Time for a Do-Over? Should you plan for new DOJ regulations?

2.7_Physical Access Handout 1.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Handout 2.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Handout 3.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Handout 4.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 2 Text.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 2.pdf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 3 Text.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 3.pdf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 4 Text.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 4.pdf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 5 Text.rtf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 5.pdf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint 6.pdf

2.7_Physical Access Powerpoint.pdf

2.8 Expanding Cultural Awareness of Exceptional Learners (EXCEL) in Postsecondary Environments

2.8_Expanding Cultural Awareness Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.8_Expanding Cultural Awareness Powerpoint.pdf

2.9 Transforming your Campus to Work with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders/Asperger’s Syndrome Part II

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2.10 Considering Culture: Working with International Students with Disabilities

2.10_Considering Culture Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.10_Considering Culture Powerpoint.pdf

2.12 LD/ADHD College Coaching: A Wellness Model Celebrating Diversity

2.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint

2.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint Text

2.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.12_LD ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint.pdf

Session 2: What Do We Know? – Highlights from 20 Years of Coaching Research

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2.13 Captioning Beyond Compliance: Making Today’s Media Format Accessible: YouTube, iTunes and Captured Lectures

2.13_Captioning Beyond Compliance Powerpoint.pdf

2.14 PEPNet’s Online College Guide

2.14_PEPNets Online College Guide Powerpoint Text.rtf

2.14_PEPNets Online College Guide Powerpoint.pdf