Block 3

3.1 Explore Clockwork Scheduling and Database Software

3.1_Explore Clockwork Powerpoint.pdf

3.2 Identity Development in an Ableistic Society

3.2_Identity Development Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.2_Identity Development Powerpoint.pdf

3.3 Broken Bodies, Twisted Minds: Disability as Evil in Literature and Fiction

3.3_Broken Bodies Twisted Minds Handout 1.rtf

3.3_Broken Bodies Twisted Minds Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.3_Broken Bodies Twisted Minds Powerpoint.pdf

3.4 Keys to Understanding and Serving College Students with Chronic Illnesses

3.4_Keys to Understanding Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.4_Keys to Understanding Powerpoint.pdf

3.5 Perceptions of Communication, Classroom Interaction Frequency, and Academic Achievement in Online Classes

3.5_Perceptions of Communication Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.5_Perceptions of Communication Powerpoint.pdf

3.6 Simmer and Serve: An Easy Recipe for Student Success and Career Development

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 1.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 2.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 3.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 4.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 5.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 6.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 7.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 8.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 9.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 10.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Handout 11.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.6_Simmer and Serve Powerpoint.pdf

3.7 AHEAD and CAS: Framing the Dialogue for Self-Evaluation

3.7_AHEAD and CAS Handout 1.pdf

3.7_AHEAD and CAS Handout 2.pdf

3.7_AHEAD and CAS Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.7_AHEAD and CAS Powerpoint.pdf

3.8 The AccessText Network Update: Improving the Accessibility of College Textbooks

3.8_AccessText Network Update Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.8_AccessText Network Update Powerpoint.pdf

3.9 Social Dyslexia/Social Thinking: Understanding Students with

(No handouts)

3.10 Barcelona to Buenos Aires: Application of the ADA to Study Abroad Programs

3.10_Barcelona to Buenos Aires Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.10_Barcelona to Buenos Aires Powerpoint.pdf

3.11 Strategies for Coordinating Organizational and Technology

(No handouts)

3.12 LD/ADHD College Coaching: A Wellness Model Celebrating Diversity

3.12_LD-ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.12_LD-ADHD College Coaching Powerpoint.pdf

Session 3: Coaching - Helping Individuals and Groups Thrive in Challenging Academic Environments

(No handouts)

3.13 Guide to Access Planning: Developing Self-Advocacy Skills in Teens for Communication Access

3.13_Guide to Access Planning Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.13_Guide to Access Planning Powerpoint.pdf

3.14 “Remote Text Services” After You’ve Made the Decision

3.14_Remote Text Services Powerpoint Text.rtf

3.14_Remote Text Services Powerpoint.pdf