Poster Sessions

We have scheduled two informative poster sessions for the AHEAD 2011 Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit all poster presentations, so pre-selection is not necessary. Below is a list of accepted poster presentations to date. Details about each poster will be in the on-site Program Book.

AccessComputing Minigrants: Collaborating Nationwide to Promote Diversity in Computing Activities

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Accommodations and Medical Students with ADHD: A Preliminary Study

Pamela O’Callaghan, Ross University School of Medicine

Danielle Renaud, Ross, University School of Medicine

Assessing Career Readiness of College Students with Disabilities: Implications For Career Services

Susann Heft Sears, University of Illinois - DRES

David Strauser, University of Illinois

College Survival Skills: How to Create an Individualized Study Skills Curriculum

Katherine Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Christy Horn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Laura Jacobson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Enhancing Quality Instruction for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

Maria Morin, University of Texas-Pan American

Glorimar Colon, University of Texas-Pan American

High Tech: Opportunities in Computing Fields for Students with Disabilities

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Shery Burgstahler, DO-IT, University of Washington

Richard Ladner, University of Washington

Interventions for College Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Dr. Kaili Zhang, Assistant Professor Division of Learning, Development, & Diversity, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Making the Connection: Creating Effective Partnerships Between DS Staff, Faculty, and Students

Larry Markle, Ball State University

Jacqueline Harris, Ball State University

Taiping Ho, Ball State University

Roger Wessel, Ball State University

Multiple Strategies for Assessment of Campus Climate

Susan Vogel, Campus Climate and Disabilities, LLC

Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University

Steven Sligar, East Carolina University

New Faculty Preparation in Teaching, Disabilities, and Accommodations

Lawrence G. Shelton, University of Vermont

Susan W. Edelman, Center for Disability and Community Inclusion

STEM Learning Communities: An Introduction to Creating a Network of Support for Your Students

Aubrey Seppa-Hodgkins, University of Southern Maine

The DO-IT Knowledge Base: Share Your Expertise or Find an Answer

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

The High School to College Transition: Internalizing Problems Among Students with ADHD/Dyslexia

Jason Nelson, University of Georgia

Noel Gregg, University of Georgia

Addressing Fire Safety Protocols for Students with Disabilities- A Community and Educational Responsibility

Gail Minger, The Michael H. Minger Foundation

Ed Comeau, Publisher, Campus Firewatch