Concurrent Sessions: Block 1

Wednesday July 13, 2011

11:00 am-12:30 pm

#1.1 Accessible Video: Techniques, Tools, Strategies, and Solutions - Session I

(This session is the first of a three part overview of Accessible Video Production) 

Jayme Johnson, High Tech Training Center Unit, California Community Colleges

Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Ken Petri, The Ohio State University

Terrill Thompson, DO-IT, University of Washington

#1.2 Partnering Diversity & Disability: Understanding an

Intersectional Framework Through Case Studies

Kirsten Behling, Suffolk University

Ruth Warick, University of British Columbia

Kuan Foo, University of British Columbia

Sarah Knitter, University of British Columbia

1.2 K Behling (Suffolk) - Disability as Diversity - AHEAD 2011

1.2 UBC - Partnering Diversity Disability - AHEAD 2011

#1.3 Disability and Education: A Global Perspective

Judith E. Heumann, U.S. Department of State, Special Advisor, International Disability Rights

Daniel Hutt, National Disability Rights Network

#1.4 Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional

Materials (AIM) in Postsecondary Education Update

Gaeir Dietrich, High Tech Center Training Unit,

California Community Colleges

#1.5 Student Records Management Tools: A Hands-On

Introduction to Accuracy, Consistency, and Critical Timeliness

David Anderson, The University of Georgia

Sarah Kesler, The University of Georgia

#1.6 Comprehensive Services: Assessment and Service

Collaboration within the University System of Georgia

Will Lindstrom, Regents’ Center for Learning Disorders

Joe Tedesco, Alternative Media Access Center

Ann Loyd, Macon State College

AHEAD 2011 1.6 _CServices_PPHO_PDF

AHEAD 2011 1.6 AMAC_brochure

AHEAD 2011 1.6 CServices_SlidesHO_PDF

AHEAD 2011 1.6 CSServices_HO_Word

AHEAD 2011 1.6 UGA RCLD brochure

#1.7 Understanding Disability Through Improvisation and Artistic Expression

Patricia Fennell, Albany Health Management Associates, Inc

Lynn Royster, DePaul University

#1.8 Services for Students on the Autism Spectrum: Program Development and Enhancement

Jane Thierfeld Brown, University of Connecticut School of Law

Christine Wenzel, University of Connecticut

Lisa Meeks, John Carroll University

Lisa King, St Catherine’s University

#1.9 Universal Design in Student Affairs: Engagement & Retention

Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University

Angela Branson, Northern Illinois University

AHEAD 2011 1.9 UD in Student Affairs

AHEAD 2011 Session 1.9 UD in Student Affairs

#1.10 You Are Not Alone! Strengthening Effectiveness Through Collaboration

Mercedes Evans, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Bridget McNamee, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Paul Hastings, Wheelock College

Timothy Rogers, Simmons College

Susan Mayo, Emmanuel College

Judy Moss, Wentworth Institute of Technology

1.10 COF Alternate Format Production Joint Form

1.10 COF Study Abroad Guide for Students with Disabilities

1.10 Draft of Guide for students with disabilities preparing for field work

1.10 You Are Not Alone PPT Outline format

Presentation Powerpoint-Final

#1.11 Digital Smartpens: Enhancing Success by Integrating Technology, Fostering Community and Academic Achievement

Jill Roter, Lehman College

Nicole Dory, College of Staten Island

Maryellen Smolka, College of Staten Island

#1.12 Inciting Resources, Partnerships and Access for a

Sustainable Future

Scott Hatley, Incight

Keith Ozols, Incight

1.12 AHEAD July 13 11_Incight