Concurrent Sessions: Block 3

Thursday July 14, 2011

11:00 am-12:30 pm

#3.1 Accessible Video: Techniques, Tools, Strategies, and Solutions - Session II

Jayme Johnson, High Tech Training Center Unit,

California Community Colleges

Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Ken Petri Program Director, The Ohio State University

Terrill Thompson, DO-IT, University of Washington

#3.2 Courageous Conversations

Sue Kroeger, University of Arizona

Melanie Thornton, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Alberto Guzman, University of Arizona

Kevin Johnson, Berklee College of Music

Sharon Downs, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

#3.3 Lessons Learned on Students with Disabilities Accessing Study Abroad

Michele Scheib, Mobility International USA

Barbara Hammer, University of Missouri

Polly Livingston, Portland State University

3 3 Session MIUSA Resources Handout

3.3 PPT handout text only

3.3 Session case studies

3.3. Session MU Student Accommodation Request Form

3.3. Session MU Student Accommodation Request Form

#3.4 DOJ’s 2011 Regulations: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare, Part I – Dogs, and Horses and Segways – Oh My! Who “Gets in” under Federal Law?

Irene Bowen, ADA One, LLC

James Bostrom, US Department of Justice

Scott Lissner, ADA Coordinator’s Off., The Ohio State University

John Catlin, LCM Architects, LLC

3.4 Article_5_ServAns_Ides_2011


#3.5 Explore Different Delivery Systems: Copy of Classroom Notes

Britt Neff, University of Washington

Susan McPhee, Pierce College, Fort Steilacoom

Ivey West, University of Puget Sound

#3.6 Leadership Lessons Learned in Building and Sustaining Momentum for Change

Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University, Director

Adam Meyer, Eastern Michigan University

#3.7 What Students with Hidden Disabilities Say About

Disclosure at Postsecondary Academic Settings

Julie Alexandrin, University of Southern Maine

Monica Chenard, University of Southern Maine

AHEAD 2011 3.7 Alexandrin Handout

#3.8 Dynamics of Disability Identity Within the Student

Veteran Community

Amanda Kraus, University of Arizona

Nick Rattray, University of Arizona

Dan Standage, University of Arizona

#3.9 From Marginalization to Prominence: Exploring One University’s Successes with Disability and Design

Chris Lanterman, Northern Arizona University

Jamie Axelrod, Northern Arizona University

David Camacho, Northern Arizona University

Pamela Powell, Northern Arizona University

#3.10 Creating and Sustaining a Campus-wide Approach to Student Mental Health

Barbara Blacklock, University of Minnesota

Betty Benson, University of Minnesota

3.10 Creating and Sustaining a Campus PPT Outline Format


3.10 AHEAD_2011 PPT

#3.11 Networking and Integrating Assistive Technology in the University/College Environment

Dan Comden, University of Washington

#3.12 The Impact of Campus Climate and Disabilities Assessment on Institutional Change

Susan Vogel, Campus Climate and Disabilities, LLC

Susan Mann Dolce, University at Buffalo

Gregory A. Moorehead, Rutgers University

3.12 Campus Climate and Disabilities PPT Outline Format

3.12 Impact of Campus Climate and Disabilities Assessment on Institutional Change PPT Outline Format

3.12 Impact of Campus Climate and Disabilities Assessment on Institutional Change PPT Outline Format2

AHEAD 2011 3.12 ccdq-overview(7)~5.20.2011

AHEAD 2011 3.12 Impact of ACCESS (4) 97-2003~ 6.13.11

AHEAD 2011 3.12 Moorehead AHEAD_Presentation_July_2011