Concurrent Sessions: Block 7

Friday July 15, 2011

11:00 am-12:15 pm

#7.1 Singing a Different Tune: Supporting Blind and Low Vision Musicians from Audition through Graduation

Bill McCann, Founder and President, Dancing Dots

Cathy L. Shankman, University of Pennsylvania

#7.2 Understanding the Need for Veteran Learning Communities

Mary Lee Vance, University of Montana

Wayne Miller, Veteran's Health Administration

Sandra Burnett, Santa Monica College

Paul Grossman, Hastings College of the Law

(Throughout this conference, Mr. Grossman is participating in his private capacity. The views expressed in his presentations will be the result of his independent research and do not necessarily represent the views of the US Department of Education or government.)

7.2 AHEAD_2011_Veteran_Learning_Communities_for_AHEAD

7.2 Understanding the Need for Veteran Learning Communities PPT Outline Format

#7.3 Diversity and Disability: International Students and

Disability Services

Lauren Sebel, Austin Community College

#7.4 Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with


Bryon Endo, US Internal Revenue Service

#7.5 Tough Choices: Challenges of Working in a One-Person DSS Office

Andy Christensen, Carleton College

7.5 Tough_Choices

#7.6 Conversation and Collaboration: Faculty and Disability Services Partnerships

Diedre Lamb, University of Arizona

Cheryl Muller, University of Arizona

Meghan Sooy, University of Arizona

2011-session # 7 6 (3)

#7.7 Introduction to Disability Studies Programs

Dennis Lang, University of Washington

Joanne Woiak, University of Washington

#7.8 Improving Achievement and Employment Outcomes Through College for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Margo Izzo, The Ohio State University Nisonger Center

#7.9 Project LINC: A Partnership for Inclusive Foreign Language Learning

Sally Scott, University of Mary Washington

Wade Edwards, Longwood University

AHEAD 2011 7.9 Inclusive Foreign Language Scott & Edwards

#7.10 Advancing Access for Everyone: A Strategic Planning Process in Support of the Social Justice Model

Susan Aase, University of Minnesota

Donna Johnson, University of Minnesota

7.10 AHEAD Handouts DJ SA

7.10 AHEAD.7.15.11-Outline Format

7.10 AHEAD.7.15.11-Revised

7.10 Disability Through the Years

7.10 Mission Statement Evolution.AHEAD Presentation.07.15.11

7.10 Personal and Work Values

7.10 Strategic Planning

#7.11 Universal Access to Print Materials

Alicia Wise, Elsevier Limited

#7.12 A Testing Agency's Response to the ADA Amendments Act

Loring Brinckerhoff, Educational Testing Service

Ruth Loew, Educational Testing Service

7.12 A_Testing_Agency's_Response_6-14-11

7.12 A_Testing_Agency's_Response_6-14-11