Block 8

Friday July 15, 2011

2:30 pm-4:30 pm

#8.1 Accessible Video: Techniques, Tools, Strategies, and Solutions – Session III

Jayme Johnson, High Tech Training Center Unit, California Community Colleges

Sean Keegan, Stanford University

Ken Petri, The Ohio State University

Terrill Thompson, DO-IT, University of Washington

#8.2 A Strategy to Develop Allies and Create Diversity

Elaine Ostroff, Institute for Human Centered Design

Karen Braitmayer, Studia Pacifica, LTD

William Pollard, University of Massachusetts Boston

AHEAD 2011 8.2 Abstracts Selected Projects 2011

AHEAD 2011 8.2 Access to Design Professions brochure 11-16-10

AHEAD 2011 8.2 adp brochure text 11-12

AHEAD 2011 8.2 RFP for ADP Partnerships in Diversity

AHEAD 2011 8.2 RFP Presentation grayno images

AHEAD 2011 8.2 RFP Presentation outline

#8.3 Disabled “Starchitects” by 2020? Why not? How Can we Achieve this Goal?

Sandra Manley, University of the West of England

Ann de Graft-Johnson, University of the West of England

Katie Lucking, University of the West of England

#8.4 Office for Civil Rights, Year in Review

Howard Kallem, OCR, U.S. Dept. of Education

Joan Rubin, OCR, U.S. Dept. of Education

#8.5 Introduction to Access/Assistive Technology

Dan Comden, University of Washington

#8.6 Executive Functioning: Helping Students be Successful In and Out of the Classroom

Christy Lendman, Lendman Educational Consulting

AHEAD 2011 8.6 agenda

AHEAD 2011 8.6 Andrew intro parent fnl

AHEAD 2011 8.6 Andrew Prof white fnl

AHEAD 2011 8.6 Andrew self fnl

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF def and desc

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF descp notes

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF Drew fnl ADHD

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF General Strategies

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF in my life

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF initial interview fnl

AHEAD 2011 8.6 EF summary

AHEAD 2011 8.6 Executive Function Questionnaire

AHEAD 2011 8.6 Executive Function Resources

AHEAD conference powerpoint 2011 8.6

#8.7 Access to Employment: The Wrap Around Experiential Education Model for Success

Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

Diane Ciarletta, Northeastern University

Marci Shaffer, Northeastern University

#8.8 Transitions Project: Opportunities for Postsecondary Success for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Cathy Schelly, Colorado State University

Julia Kothe, Colorado State University

Transitions Project_AHEAD

#8.9 Partnering to Institutionalize Best Practices: A Panel of Perspectives

Kaela Parks, University of Alaska Anchorage

Melanie Thompson, Northern Illinois University

Scott Friedman, William Rainey Harper College

Melanie Gangle, University of Portland


#8.10 Symposium on STEM Education



AHEAD SeattleSTEM6-24-11


How You Can Engage with DO-IT_bword_6_16_11

Community Partnerships for Enhancing Access to STEM

Education for Students with Disabilities

Ronda Jenson, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Alexis Petri, University of Missouri-Kansas City

AccessSTEM and AccessComputing: Creating Sustainable Partnerships at Local and National Levels

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Sheryl Burgstahler, DO-IT, University of Washington

#8.11 From Outrage to Collective Responsibility:

Understanding Technologist Views of Web Accessibility

Jeremy Sydik, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Christy Horn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

#8.12 Putting It Together: Accommodations for the Student with Deafblindness

Jelica Nuccio, Seattle Deaf-Blind Service Center