Poster Sessions

We have scheduled two informative poster sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit all poster presentations, so pre-selection is not necessary. Below is a list of accepted poster presentations to date. Details about each poster will be in the on-site Program Book.

Accommodation Solutions Online: An Interactive Just-In-Time Accommodation Resource for Faculty Development

Christy Horn, University of Nebraska

Veva Cheney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Melinda Classen, Metropolitan Community College

Deb Eppenbaugh, Metropolitan Community College

American Collegiate Society for Adapted Athletics: Fostering Intercollegiate Competition for SWDs

Rob Egan, American Collegiate Society for Adapted Athletics

Carol Keller, American Collegiate Society for Adapted Athletics

Larry Markle, Ball State University

College Students on the Autism Spectrum: A Focus on Effective Self-Management

Tara Vancil, Central Michigan University

Holly Hoffman, Central Michigan University

Communities of Practice to Increase the Number of Students with Disabilities in STEM Fields

Kiriko Takahashi, University of Hawaii Manoa

Kelly Roberts, University of Hawaii Manoa

Hye Jin Park, University of Hawaii Manoa

Robert Stodden, University of Hawaii Manoa

Connecting Faculty with Students with Disabilities: Final Results from a DOE Grant

Jacqueline Harris, Ball State University

Taiping Ho, Ball State University

Larry Markle, Ball State University

Roger Wessel, Ball State University

Designing a “Smart Start” for First Year Students: A Summer Orientation Program

Mara Bellino, The Catholic University of America

Laura Cutway, Georgetown Law

Developing a Support Needs Questionnaire for Students with ADHD

Tomone Takahashi, Shinshu University

Dyscalculia, Assessment, and Impact on Student Academic Achievement and Career Development

Adrianne L. Johnson, State University of New York

Eastern Practice at Western Universities: Can Mindfulness Training Treat ADHD?

Michael Brooks, Brigham Young University

Tyler Pedersen, Brigham Young University

Zachary Elison, Purdue University

Derek Griner, Brigham Young University

Examining the Experience of Community College Students with Reading Comprehension Learning Disabilities and the Perceived Value of Accommodations Received

Katie Dodge, Livonia Public Schools

Expanding Inclusive Higher Education in New York

Martha Mock, University of Rochester

Kristen Love, University of Rochester

Faculty and Student Usefulness of the Learner Sketch Tool in Higher Education

Diane Majewski, East Carolina University

Dorothy Muller, East Carolina University

Faculty Development Modules: Utilizing UDL and Student Feedback to Identify Useful Instructional Strategies

Sue Steinweg, East Carolina University

Dorothy Muller, East Carolina University

Diane Majewski, East Carolina University

Tanner Jones, East Carolina University

Inclusive Excellence: Eliminating Barriers through Campus-Wide Accessibility Working Committee

Leigh Sveda, The University of Akron

Jessica DeFago, The University of Akron

Lessons Learned about Postsecondary Transition Supports for Students with Learning Disabilities

Emily Johnson, East Carolina University

Diane Majewski, East Carolina University

Returning From Service: College and Careers for Veterans With Disabilities

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Saving Time and Steps with a Web-based Application for Accommodated Exam Requests

Barbara Hammer, University of Missouri

Tom Gittemeier, University of Missouri

James Richardson, University of Missouri

Justin Lozano, University of Missouri

Self-Concept of Students with ADHD Across the High School to College Transition

Jason Nelson, University of Georgia

Self-Examination: How Accessible Is Your Campus?

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Strategic Partnership: Advancing Awareness and Equity of Medical Trainees with Invisible Disabilities

Barbara Blacklock, University of Minnesota

Donna Johnson, University of Minnesota

Susan Aase, University of Minnesota

The Accommodations Model: A New Tool for Empowering Students to Request Reasonable Accommodations

Glen White, Research & Training Center on Independent Living

Jean Ann Summers, Beach Center

Leslie Schmille, Research & Training Center on Independent Living

The Executive and Academic Functioning of Stimulant Medicated and Non-Stimulant Medicated Adult College Students with ADHD: A Neuropsychological Perspective

Nicole Nicholson, University of Southern California

Tools For Success: Low Vision Student Solutions in the Classroom

Janet Bernhardt, TVI CLVT

UDL Universe: A Comprehensive Faculty Development Website

Emiliano Ayala, Sonoma State University

What’s New from Think College

Cate Weir, University of Massachusetts Boston

pepnet 2 Posters

Access: The Fundamentals – An Updated Resource for Faculty and Staff Development

Marcia Kolvitz, pn2 - University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Captioned Media: Working with Faculty and Campus Departments to Achieve Access for Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Kate Skarda, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Instructional Design Strategies Used to Provide Equal Learning Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners

Daniel Mercado, Universidad del Este

The Re-Design of the DHH Resource Guide for California Community Colleges

Naomi Sheneman, Network Interpreting Service, Inc

Mela Bennett, American River College