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Poster Sessions Accepted/Confirmed to Date

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Acceptance-Expectancy Effect on Employment Development for Individuals with Disabilities: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Applied

Li Ju Chen - Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Access Concerns in Preparing Students for Study Abroad

Teresa Spoulos – San Diego State University

Approaches to Working with People with Disabilities: Teaching Soft Skills Through Academics

Marci Muhlestein – Bellevue College

Jaya Ramesh – Bellevue College

Baseline Characteristics of College Students with Psychiatric Conditions Participating in a Randomized Control Trial of Supported Education

Michelle G. Mullen-Gonzalez – Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions

Broadening Participation: A National Collaboration to Promote Accessible STEM

Lyla Crawford – DO-IT, University of Washington

Community Partnerships that Foster Transition: Community Colleges and Behavioral Health Services

Nicole Jarock – AERI Behavioral Health Services

Disability as Diversity: Empowering Disability Services to Empower Students With Physical Disabilities

Lisa Cooper – University of the Pacific

Early Alert Systems: Infusing a Proactive Approach into Campus Culture for Student Success

John Mangine – Allegheny College

Encountering Disability Globally: Advancing Social Justice through International Exchange

Ashley Bryant – Mobility International, USA

Faculty Attitudes Toward College Students with Disabilities

Jessica Sniatecki – The College at Brockport, SUNY

Faculty Knowledge and Awareness of Universal Design Model at HBCUs

Bridget Staten – South Carolina State University

Quiteya Walker – Albany State University

Kurzweill 3000 Goes to Medical School: Expanding Accommodations In Graduate Education

Pamela O'Callaghan – University of Texas Medical Branch

Faith Robin – University of Texas Medical Branch

Moving On: Making Successful Transitions

Lyla Crawford – DO-IT, University of Washington

Postsecondary Education: Action Research for Identifying Veteran On-line Students with Disabilities

Terry Watson – Penn State World Campus

SCRIBES: medical students create study resources as a class fundraiser

Pamela O’Callaghan – University of Texas, Medical Branch

Faith Robin – University of Texas Medical Branch

Sheila Jalalat – University of Texas Medical Branch

Christopher Zimmerman – University of Texas Medical Branch

Dekrisha Kyle – University of Texas Medical Branch

Miakka Smith – University of Texas Medical Branch

Julian Jones – University of Texas Medical Branch

Self-Directed Learning and Academic Progress of Student with ADHD in Higher Education

Keetam Alkahtani – King Saud University

Students STEEPed in LEADership: Access to the Full College Experience

Cari Rose-Tomo - Molloy College

Kerri-Ann Li - Student, Molloy College

Christopher DeJesus - Student, Molloy College

Eaton Farrell - Student, Molloy College