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IPHED (Idaho Partnership on Higher Education and Disability)

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Washington Association on Postsecondary Education and Disability (WAPED)

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AHEAD neither approves nor endorses the form or content of any materials posted to the Affiliate AHEAD Web pages by Affiliate member organizations; nor should any materials posted be considered to be legal advice. Readers are referred to their institution's legal counsel for legal advice.

General Information

State and regional groups of disability services professionals have existed for as long as (or longer than) AHEAD. These groups vary in the degree of structure and amount of activity they have, but share common values and mission with AHEAD. AHEAD members benefit from the existence of state and regional groups because they have a "pulse" on the issues of relevance in specific geographical areas, and they promote networking and sharing of information about local resources. Because of this, AHEAD has developed formal ties to state and regional groups and support them by sharing resources.

The Regional Affiliate program was established at the AHEAD Conference in Las Vegas in 1998. This step came about through the persistent hard work of Bill Pollard, Bruce Pomeroy, and Kip Opperman, and input from Michael Sax, the Membership Committee, and the Executive Council of AHEAD in New England. By definition, an Affiliate shall be a group of professionals actively working to enhance higher education opportunities for students with disabilities. The AHEAD Board of Directors must review changes to either the mission or by-laws of a state or regional Affiliate.

Affiliates and AHEAD jointly sign an affiliate agreement that outlines the responsibilities of each party to the agreement.

The AHEAD Board of Directors encourages existing and new groups to learn more about the AHEAD Affiliate program. More information can be obtained by contacting Terra Beethe, Board of Directors liaison to the Affiliate program, with inquiries or suggestions about the affiliation process. Phone: (402) 557-7145, Email: .

Katy Washington with ARK-AHEAD is the Lead Affiliate Representative for 2016-2017 and a good contact for questions about the AHEAD Affiliate Program. Phone 479-575-3104 Email:

Stephan Hamlin-Smith, the Executive Director of AHEAD, can be contacted for information about the Affiliate program. Phone (704) 947-7779, Email: .

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Access to AHEAD's resources and services
  • Access to direct support from AHEAD; there are various types of support available to the Affiliates, including low cost general liability insurance
  • A page on AHEAD's web site for information about the Affiliate, membership application information, upcoming activities, online discussion groups, etc.
  • Use of the AHEAD name and camera-ready AHEAD logo for outreach materials
  • Opportunities to partner with AHEAD in the development and advertisement of regional conferences and workshops, with the potential of increasing attendance and revenue generation

How to Join

Becoming an Affiliate of AHEAD is a relatively simple process. Just complete the brief application and Affiliate agreement form (link below) and submit the completed documents to AHEAD with your organization's check (or credit card information) in the amount of $50 US. Attach the organization's mission statement, bylaws, and a list of officers.

Affiliate Application and Agreement (Microsoft Word document, 21 KB)

Application Evaluation

After preliminary review by the Board of Directors Liaison to the Affiliates, the application will be voted on by the full AHEAD Board of Directors. The Board will consider applications for Affiliate status during regularly scheduled Board meetings, which occur annually in the fall, spring and summer.

Cost to Join

Initial application for Affiliation with AHEAD: $50 Annual renewal of Affiliation with AHEAD: $25, effective 2008

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