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The Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

Welcome to the website for AHEAD's Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability (JPED). As the official journal of the Association on Higher Education And Disability, the JPED serves as a resource to our members and other professionals dedicated to the advancement of full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities. The Journal is the leading forum for scholarship in the field of postsecondary disability support services.

A refereed journal, the JPED has been published for nearly 20 years, bringing to the field scholarly publications on a variety of related topics that emphasize research, issues, and trends related to the theory and practice of postsecondary disability services. For questions, e-mail JPED Executive Editor, Roger Wessel at

Members of AHEAD receive a free electronic subscription to the JPED (PDF, Word, DAISY, & MP3). An annual subscription for hard copies is $50 (sign up via membership form or by calling AHEAD). A limited number of selected print back issues can be ordered from AHEAD for $20.00 each.

Below you will find full text electronic versions of the JPED by issues. JPED is searchable through ERIC online and libraries that subscribe to the EBSCO "Education Research Complete" database.

In AHEAD's ongoing effort to provide a model for accessibility and reader-choice; we are pleased to provide alternative formats (DAISY, MP3, Text only, and PDF) since Volume 24, Issue 1 until our current issue of JPED. As the provision of multiple accessible formats is an ongoing effort; the editorial and production staffs of this publication look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions regarding these forms of electronic media. Please feel welcome to send your feedback to

Archived Issues

Volume 30, 2017

Volume 29, 2016

Volume 28, 2015

Volume 27, 2014

Volume 26, 2013

Volume 25, 2012

Volume 24. 2011

Volume 23, 2010

Volume 22, 2009

Volume 21, 2008

Volume 20, 2007

Volume 19, 2006

Volume 18, 2005

Volume 17, 2004

Volume 16, 2003

Volume 15, 2002

Volume 14, 2001

Volume 13, 1998

Volume 12, 1996

Volume 11, 1995

Volume 10, 1993

Volume 9, 1991