resources and scholarships


Resources for students, parents, and high school personnel are available on the UNO Disability Services website. Information on this page covers a wide variety of topics including technology, different disability types, high school to college transition, and more. (page no longer available.)


WINAHEAD members support the work of EducationQuest wholeheartedly. This private, non-profit organization assists students in locating sources of financial aid such as scholarships, grants, and loans. They are knowledgeable about the FAFSA and have a huge database and collection of books that list scholarships for students with disabilities. Their locations are listed below, but feel free to visit them now by visiting their site:

EducationQuest in Kearney
2706 Second Avenue, Suite B
Phone: 308-234-6310
Toll Free: 800-666-3721
FAX: 308-234-2113

EducationQuest in Lincoln
1300 O Street
Phone: 402-475-5222
Toll Free: 800-303-3745
FAX: 402-479-6658

EducationQuest in Omaha Rockbrook Village (108th & W. Center Road)
11031 Elm Street
Phone: 402-391-4033
Toll Free: 888-357-6300
Fax: 402-391-7376