The Organization

Section 1.01    Name

The name of the organization shall be Idaho Partnership on Higher Education and Disability (IPHED)

Section 1.02     Mission

The mission of the Idaho Partnership on Higher Education and Disability (IPHED) is to promote equal rights and opportunities for retention, recruitment, leadership, and access to programs and services for post-secondary students with disabilities through promoting positive collaboration and information dissemination between post-secondary institutions and stakeholders providing services to students with disabilities. IPHED members value diversity, creativity and personal growth and development. IPHED strives to orchestrate resources through partnership and collaboration.

Membership and Voting Rights

Categories of Membership

IPHED shall have 4 categories of membership: Individual Professional, Institutional, Affiliate, and Student

An Individual Professional membership shall refer to Idaho post-secondary personnel responsible for providing direct services to students with disabilities. Each Individual Professional member shall pay annual dues as set forth by the by-laws and shall have one (1) vote. Each Individual Professional member shall be eligible to hold office.

An Institutional membership shall allow up to four (4) individuals providing direct services to students with disabilities from the same post-secondary institution in Idaho to join as members. Each institution shall pay annual dues as set forth by the by-laws. Each individual enrolled in the Institutional membership shall have one (1) vote and be eligible to hold office. Additional professionals from each institution may join and participate in the organization as an Individual Professional as outlined in Article IIIS Section 3.01 (a).

An Affiliate membership shall refer to any person interested in promoting the purpose of IPHED who is employed in a post-secondary position which does not provide direct services to students with disabilities, or a professional outside of post-secondary education. Each Affiliate member shall pay annual dues as set forth by the by-laws. Affiliate members may attend and participate in discussions at IPHED meetings, but are permitted neither to vote nor hold office.

A Student membership shall be offered to any full or part-time student who is interested in promoting the purpose of IPHED and is enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Idaho.  Student members shall pay annual dues as set forth by the by-laws. Student members may attend and participate in discussions at IPHED meetings, but are neither permitted to vote nor hold office.

Executive Board


Executive authority of the IPHED shall rest with the Executive Board as described below. The Executive Board shall use the By-laws contained herein as the ultimate authority for the Association.


There shall be 5 categories of officers for the organization: President, President-elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Eligible members shall vote for Officers annually in the Spring. Voting shall take place via e-mail one week prior to the Spring meeting and new officers shall be confirmed at the Spring meeting.

The President presides over and conducts the business of the semi-annual meetings. The President may sign with the Secretary and/or Treasurer any contracts, fiscal transactions, or any other organizational business. The President serves as an ex officio member of all committees and has the authority to appoint the chairpersons for all standing committees.

The President –Elect shall automatically assume the Presidents’ duties at the end of the fiscal year. If the President is absent, unable, or refuses to act, the President-Elect shall have the duties and restrictions of the President. The President-Elect shall coordinate all standing committees and perform duties assigned by the President.

The Past-President serves as Chairman of the nominating committee and conducts the yearly election of new officers. The Past-President also provides expertise and experience to the organization assisting in developing policy.

The Secretary shall take, maintain in an archive, and distribute minutes of all semi-annual meetings to all members. The secretary shall also maintain and update resource materials including membership lists, and conduct all official correspondence.

The Treasurer is charged with the responsibility for custody and disbursement of all IPHED funds. The Treasurer receives any and all receipts for money due and payable to the organization, deposits all money in the name of IPHED in any selected and approved financial institutions or companies. The Treasurer shall also maintain current and accurate records of all financial transactions and shall submit quarterly reports to the Officers and annual reports to all members of the organization.

Elections and Terms of Office

Newly elected officers shall assume office July 1 following the election and shall serve one (1) year term. Elections for President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be held one (1) week prior at the Spring meeting. Results will be confirmed at the Spring meeting. All members holding Professional or Institutional memberships are eligible for nomination to office. The Past-President shall organize the nominating committee and conduct the election for new officers. Nominations and distribution of campaign materials shall be distributed to all voting members at least one (1) month prior to the election. New officers will be selected by a majority vote of the membership.

Succession of Past-President and President-Elect

Upon completion of the term the President shall become the Past-President and the President-Elect shall become the President of the organization.

Removal from office and Vacancies

Any officer may be removed from office by majority vote of the members at a special meeting called for that purpose. Members shall be notified of the special meeting one (1) month in advance of the meeting. Notification will also include specific causes for removal from office.

After the initial election to select the preliminary Officers of IPHED, resolution of positions vacated because of death, resignation, removal, or otherwise, shall be resolved depending on the position:

President—the President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President. Assuming the remainder of the vacated position shall not decrease the length of the term the President-Elect was voted to serve.

President-Elect—if the President-Elect assumes the office of President before the completion of the current term, the office shall remain vacant until the next election  when members shall elect a President-Elect.

Past-President—a vacancy in this position shall remain until the next election when the President moves into the position. In the event of a vacancy, the President shall appoint a Chairman of the Nominating Committee from the voting membership.

Secretary and Treasurer—vacancies in these positions shall be filled by selection and majority vote by the membership for the unexpired portion of the term.  


Responsibility of Finances

The Executive Board is responsible for maintaining the fiscal integrity of the Organization and for ensuring financial stability and growth.  The Treasurer shall serve as the chief financial officer for the organization under the direct supervision and approval of the President.  

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year IPHED shall be from July 1 to June 30.


Income shall be derived from membership dues, event registration fees and such other sources as the Executive Council may approve.


Dues shall be assessed and collected in such amount and in such manner as prescribed by the Executive Board.  Any proposal to increase the dues shall be made available to the total membership by the secretary before thirty (30) days have passed.  No vote shall be taken until at least thirty (30) days have passed.  The vote will held during a regularly scheduled meeting of IPHED by a simple majority vote of those eligible members registered and physically present. In no case will proxy voting be allowed.

Use of Funds

IPHED funds shall be consistent with the mission and purpose of IPHED and as contained in Article III of this document.  No part of the net earnings of this association shall be disbursed for the personal benefit of any member, officer, sponsor or private individual except when such payment is warranted as the responsible compensation for services rendered to IPHED.


IPHED books shall be audited at the end of each fiscal year prior to the new Treasurer assuming office. An independent audit may be conducted at the discretion of the Board.


In the event of the dissolution of IPHED, all assets will be liquidated, all debts shall be paid, and any remaining proceeds shall be donated, by a majority vote of members, to other organizations or causes, either national or state-wide, that advance disability-related issues.