“Building Up Your Disability Services Toolkit” Free On-Demand Webinar Series

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The HBCU Disability Consortium and AHEAD present “Building Up Your Disability Services Toolkit”

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Are you working in a small DS office? Are you a newer professional? Have you been looking for ways to make your office more welcoming and inclusive? Interested in better serving African American Students? If you said yes to ANY of these, our new and exciting webinar series – now available for absolutely FREE – may be for you. It’s designed to help you build a toolkit of skills, from experts working on diverse campuses around the country, including HBCUs.

Continuing its long tradition of professional development through webinars, AHEAD partnered with the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Disability Consortium to bring you a series of 90-minute webinars designed to increase your knowledge about disability services for smaller offices, for newer professionals, and for anyone interested in improving services to African American students on campus. This series was partially funded through the HBCU Disability Consortium*, which means these webinars are now available to you as on-demand recordings for free!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • To access one of the webinars below, simply click on the recording URL which will open the webinar in a new browser window. The recording includes audio and captioning.
  • Any presentation materials used during the webinar are also available for your download and use. To download the presentation file, click on the link below each on-demand webinar

On-Demand Webinars

Running a Small Disability Services Office: Tips and Tricks

Are you an office of one? Or one of just a few people providing disability services to the whole campus? In this webinar you'll hear from people who understand, and their tips and tricks to not only manage the workload, but to also connect beyond your campus to other colleges and colleagues.

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p51jjh7ycgf/

Download Presentation Materials:

African American Students' Mental and Emotional Health Needs: Considerations for All Disability Services Professionals

Research has shown that the demand for mental health services is rising, and disability services and campus counseling offices are struggling to keep up with the demand. But is your office welcoming to African American students and understanding of their needs? This webinar will help you become an effective ally and consider ways to make your campus services more inclusive.

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p48h5re51e8/

Download Presentation Materials:

Working with Faculty to Improve the Campus Climate

Are faculty your allies or your worst nightmare? Every disability services professional has stories about faculty, but this webinar will offer practical tips for working with faculty, educating them about disability issues and accommodations, and handling complaints by faculty or students. Panelists will also discuss how faculty can be allies in changing the entire campus climate for people with disabilities.

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p7r0u01l3aw/

Download Presentation Materials:

Universal Design for Learning 101

You've probably heard the term "universal design" but what does it mean? This webinar will cover the basics of Universal Design for Learning in college-level courses, with practical ideas from faculty and disability services providers for implementing universal design on your campus.

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p43ijj22o33/

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Technology for Students with Disabilities

As technology rapidly evolves, disability services is no longer the only place providing assistive technology, and most technology comes loaded with access features. How can campuses and disability services offices work together to create short-term and long-term plans for technology-related needs, access to online information, and ways to support students with disabilities and their needs?

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p8yz8lpad9k/

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Realities of Interpreting and CART Services

Disability services offices are often working with limited resources, and paying for interpreters and CART can stretch a budget. They can also be difficult to provide, given interpreter and CART shortages everywhere in the US. In this webinar, we'll discuss strategies for providing these services, how deaf or hard-of-hearing students may use them, and strategies for showing administrators why they are a legal obligation, morally and culturally necessary, and worth every penny.

Open webinar recording: https://ahead.adobeconnect.com/p7sspt5woc3/

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