AHEAD 2015: Lunch and Learn Sessions

Grab a lunch from our on-site vendor and join us for these educational programs held on Wednesday and Thursday, 12:30 – 2:00. No registration required. Locations will be posted on site in St. Paul.

An Overview of the New MS in Disability Services in Higher Education

Mariette Bates–CUNY School of Professional Studies

A new online Master of Science degree in Disability Services in Higher Education, developed by the Disability Studies program at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies, will be offered in the fall of 2015. Geared to disability service professionals, the 30-credit degree program is the first in the country, and was created in consultation with members of AHEAD and other experts in the field. This session will offer an overview of the curriculum and address participant’s questions about online learning and the relationship of the new degree program to professional development.

Audience: All

Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology in Post Secondary Project: Updates and Lessons Learned

Bryan Ayres–Southwest ADA Center
Janet Peters–Great Lakes ADA Center

The Great Lakes ADA Center and the Southwest ADA Center entered a collaborative project in 2009 with a number of universities and K-12 schools interested in transition participating. This session examines the products developed and the lessons learned since the initial surveys and feedback from Disability Services staff at several universities.

Audience: All

Strategies for Developing and Maintaining a Disability Services Student Advisory Board

Teresa Spoulos–San Diego State University

This session will provide participants with strategies on implementing a Disability Services student advisory board. In this workshop attendees will learn about various operations of a board, student and advisor responsibilities, and the types of activities a board might undertake.

Audience: All

Writing for the AHEAD Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability

David Parker–Executive Editor, JPED
Roger Wessel–Ball State University

Researchers and practitioners in the disability, technology, career and higher education fields, among others, regularly submit manuscripts to the JPED. This session is designed for those who are considering writing articles for the Journal and will include a review of current topics, what the JPED Editorial Board looks for in successful articles and a walk-through of the manuscript submission process.

Audience: Potential Authors

Rethinking College: A Film and Teaching and Advocacy Tool

Cate Weir–University of Massachusetts, Boston
Debra Hart–University of Massachusetts, Boston

This session will include a screening of the film “Rethinking College” followed by a discussion of how the film can be used as both an instructional and an advocacy tool with a variety of audiences to increase knowledge of postsecondary education opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Students; Audience: All

Shifting Disability Support Services to a Coaching Mindset

Christina Fabrey–Green Mountain College
Jodi Sleeper–Triplett-JST Coaching, LLC

The college environment requires that students learn to be autonomous, flexible, and critical in their thinking yet we know that many of our students with disabilities need support in how to develop these important skills. Shifting to a coaching mindset, we can encourage students to set their own academic goals, develop strategies to meet them and reflect on their academic performance. This session will review the concept of shifting from a transitional service model to a coach approach to disability supports and share coaching skills to enhance self-reliance and foster efficient learners.

Coaching; Audience: Advanced

Claro: Effective Multi-Sensory Solutions for Reading and Writing, Visual Brainstorming and Building Writing Confidence

Barouch Chai-Microscience Learning 4 All USA, Inc

ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence.

Audience: All

Clockwork Enterprise Solutions: Disability Services Management System

Barouch Chai-Microscience Learning 4 All USA, Inc

Learn how counselors and administrators can streamline management of Disability Services Departments through this simple, but powerful application.

Audience: All

Student Learning and Program Outcomes – Applicable to Disability Programs?

Jean Ashmore-Past-President AHEAD, Disability Director Emerita, Moderator
Karen Agee-College and Reading Learning Association, University of Northern Iowa
Paul Harwell-Texas A&M University
Tom Thompson-Past Board Member AHEAD, Disability Director Emeritus

Does your administration expect you to assess student learning and program outcomes? How can we demonstrate to administrators and accreditors that DS activities produce student learning and other positive outcomes? During this panel discussion, learn about CAS standards and their companion student learning and development outcomes along with ways to assess program outcomes across campus and within your department.

Audience: All