Call for Award Nominations, 2017

To: AHEAD Members
From: Kristie Orr, President-Elect
Date: March 20, 2017

RE: Call for Award Nominations, 2017

The Awards Committee requests your nominations for award recipients for the year 2017. We are confident that every AHEAD member knows qualified professionals and students who are deserving of recognition. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to draw public attention to the exceptional work and leadership that we see around us every day; please consider taking a moment to bring deserved recognition to the professionals and students with whom you work. This year the nomination process will occur electronically. Please review the description of the awards below and click on the name of the award for which you would like to submit a nomination.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, April 28, 2017.

Nominations are being accepted for the following AHEAD Awards:

Ronald E. Blosser Dedicated Service Award
This award recognizes outstanding service and contributions to the Association by an AHEAD member.

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Award
The Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Award is established to publicly honor AHEAD member or group of members who have promoted diversity within our profession and/or the place of work of the candidate(s).

AHEAD Partner Recognition Award
This award recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals or groups outside the AHEAD membership that directly or indirectly benefit postsecondary programs for students with disabilities.

AHEAD Professional Recognition Award
This award recognizes outstanding achievement and contributions to the field of higher education and disability by AHEAD members.

Student Recognition Award
This award recognizes student leaders whose work has had a profound effect on how their campus views disability, envisions inclusion and works to modify environments to improve the campus climate for individuals with disabilities.

AHEAD Honor for Meritorious Contribution
This award recognizes individuals and groups whose vision, values, efforts and/or accomplishments have had a significant impact on inclusion and access for people with disabilities.

AHEAD members and students selected for these honors will be recognized at the AHEAD 2017 Conference. A plaque will be presented to or mailed to each award recipient. A congratulatory confirmation letter, signed by the AHEAD President, will also be sent to the President of the campus or agency where the recipient is employed.

If you have any questions regarding the award nominations, please contact Kristie Orr at

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