JPED Volume 15 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 15, 2002 Issue 2: Table of Contents

 Assessing the Academic Competence of College Students: Validation of a Self-Report Measure of Skills and Enablers
by Stephen N. Elliott, James C. DiPerna

 Opinions of Disability Service Directors on Faculty Training: The Need, Content, Issues, Formats, Media, and Activities
by Charles L. Salzberg, Llyod Peterson, Christopher C. Debrand, Rebecca J. Blair, Anna C. Carsey, Alexis S. Johnson

 Multidimensional Disability Attitudes and Equitable Evaluation of Educational Accommodations by College Students Without Disabilities
by Thomas D. Upton, Dennis C. Harper

 Book Review: The New Disability History: American Perspectives
reviewed by Elaine Manglitz