JPED Volume 18 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 18, 2005 Issue 1: Table of Contents

 Letter From the Editors
by Nicole Ofiesh, James McAfee

 The Importance of Direct Communication During Continuing Education Workshops for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Professionals
by Gary L. Long, Donald H. Beil

 A Comparison of Accuracy and Rate of Transcription by Adults with Learning Disabilities Using a Continuous Speech Recognition System and a Traditional Computer Keyboard
by Diane C. Millar, David B. McNaughton, Janice C. Light

 Development and Validation of the Accessibility of Campus Computing for Students with Disabilities Scale: Service Providers’ Perspective
by Myrtis E. Fossey, Jennison V. Asuncion, Catherine Fichten, Chantal Robillard, Maria Barile, Rhonda Amsel, Fran Prezant, Stephen Morabito

 Postsecondary Disability Service Providers’ Perceptions About Implementing Universal Design for Instruction (UDI)
by Pricilla B. Embry, David R. Parker, Joan M. McGuire, Sally S. Scott

 A Validated Curriculum to Provide Training to Faculty Regarding Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
by Christopher C. Debrand, Charles L. Salzberg

 Eligibility Assessment Requirements at the Postsecondary Level for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Disconnect with Secondary Schools?
by Shannon Gormley, Charles Hughes, Lydia Block, Christy Lendman

 Perceived Usefulness of Recommendations Given to College Students Evaluated for Learning Disability
by Frances Prevatt, Laura E. Johnson, Katie Allison, Briley E. Proctor

 The Impact of Visibility of Disability and Gender on the Self-Concept of University Students with Disabilities
by Marjorie F. Olney, Karin F. Brockelman

reviewed by Loring Brinckerhoff