JPED Volume 18 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 18, 2005 Issue 2: Table of Contents

 Letter From the Guest Editor
by Robert A. Stodden

 Virginia’s Higher Education Leadership Partners (VA-HELP): Creating Change Through Effective Statewide Collaboration
by Elizabeth Evans Getzel, Lori Briel, Shannon McManus, Erica Lovelace

 Faculty Knowledge and Practices Regarding Students with Disabilities In Three Contrasting Institutions of Higher Education
by Susan A Vogel, Yona Leyser, Sheryl Burgstahler, Steven R. Sligar, Steven G. Zecker

 A Comparison of the Provision of Educational Supports to Students with Disabilities In AHEAD Versus Non-AHEAD Affiliated Institutions
by Tom Harding, Daniel Blaine, Teresa A. Whelley, Chuan Chang

 Improving Postsecondary Outcomes for Students with Disabilities: Designing Professional Development for Faculty
by Sheryl Burgstahler, Tanis Doe

 Literature Synthesis of Key Issues in Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Disabilities to Succeed in Postsecondary Education
by David Leake, Sheryl Burgstahler, Karen Applequist, Nancy Rickerson, Margo Izzo, Meiko Arai, Tammie Picklesimer

 A Case Study of Accommodations for Transition – Age Students with Intellectual Disabilities
by Cynthia Zafft