JPED Volume 19 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 19, 2007 Issue 1: Table of Contents

 From the Editors
by Nicole Ofiesh, James McAfee

 The Process: Development of the Revised AHEAD Program Standards and Performance Indicators
by Lyman L. Dukes, III

 Postsecondary Disability Program Standards and Performance Indicators: Minimum Essentials for the Office for Students with Disabilities
by Stan F. Shaw, Lyman L. Dukes, III

 Career-Focused Experiential Education for Students with Disabilities: An Outline of the Legal Terrain
by Melissa L. Nott, Cynthia Zafft

 Employment and Career Development Concerns of Postsecondary Students With Disabilities: Service and Policy Implications 
by Mary L. Hennessey, Richard Roessler, Bryan Cook, Darlene Unger, Phillip Rumrill

 Perceptions of Academic Quality and Approaches to Studying Among Students with Print Disabilities Enrolled in Distance Education
by John T. E. Richardson

 Student Perceptions of the Accommodation Process in Postsecondary Education
by Noelle Kurth, Daryl Mellard

 Improving Transition to Career for College Students with Learning Disabilities: Suggestions from Graduates
by Joseph W. Madaus

 I’m Not the Gingerbread Man! Exploring the Experiences of College Students Diagnosed with ADHD
by Susan N. Perry, Kathy K. Franklin

 Book Review: Rights of Inclusion: Law and Identity in the Life Stories of
Americans with Disabilities

reviewed by Robin Cook