JPED Volume 24 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 24, 2011 Issue 2: Table of Contents

 From the Editor
by David Parker

 The iEvaluate OSD Guidelines and Exemplars: A Disability Services Evaluation Tool
by Lyman Dukes III

 Facing Challenges: Experiences of Young Women with Disabilities Attending a Canadian University
by Ozlem Erten

 An Examination of the Effects of ADHD Coaching on University Students’ Executive Functioning
by David R. Parker, Sharon Field Hoffman, Shlomo Sawilowsky, Laura Rolands

 The Effects of Instruction in a Paired Associates Learning Strategy as an Intervention for College Students with Learning Disabilities 
by Justin T. Cooper, Amy Shearer Lingo, Todd Whitney, Deborah Bott Slaton

 Power Soccer: Experiences of Students Using Power Wheelchairs in a Collegiate Athletic Club
by Roger D. Wessel, Joel Wentz, Larry L. Markle

“Supporting Student Athletes with Disabilities: A Case Study”
by Margaret P. Weiss

by Linda Nissenbaum

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