JPED Volume 28 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 28, 2015 Issue 3: Table of Contents

  • From the Editor
    Roger D. Wessel
  • Faculty Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding College Students with Disabilities
    Jessica L. Sniatecki, Holly B. Perry, & Linda H. Snell
  • Academic Accommodations for Postsecondary Students with Mental Health Disabilities in Ontario, Canada: A Review of the Literature and Reflections on Emerging Issues
    Mike Condra, Eleanor Condra, Mira Dineen, Sarah Gauthier, Helen Gills, & Anita Jack-Davies
  • Attendant Care for College Students with Physical Disabilities Using Wheelchairs: Transition Issues and Experiences
    Nequel R. Burwell, Roger D. Wessel, & Thalia Mulvihill
  • Prevalence of Physical Disability and Accommodation Needs Among Students in Physical Therapy Education Programs
    Martha R. Hinman, Cathryn A. Peterson, & Karen A. Gibbs
  • Disability Accommodations in Online Courses: The Graduate Student Experience
    Katherine Terras, Joseph Leggio, & Amy Phillips
  • The Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations and Life Satisfaction in College Students with Disabilities: Evaluation of a Mediator Model
    Susan Miller Smedema, Elizabeth DaSilva Cardoso, Fong Chan, Alo Dutta, Veronica Muller, John Keegan, Deborah J. Ebener, & Rana A. Yaghmaian
  • Employment Support Services for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Attending Postsecondary Education Programs
    Stefania D. Petcu, Laura C. Chezan, & M. Lee Van Horn
  • (Practice Brief) Effective Job-Seeking Preparation and Employment Services for College Students with Disabilities
    Gina R. Oswald, Mary J. Huber, & Angela Bonza
  • (Practice Brief) Accommodating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Operating Room Environments: A Case Study
    Lisa Meeks, Elisa Laird-Metke, Neera Jain, Mark Rollins, Seema Ghandi, & Martin Stechert
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  • AHEAD Board of Directors and JPED Editorial Reviewers