JPED Volume 28 - Issue 4: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 28, 2015 Issue 4: Table of Contents

  • From the Guest Editors
    Alan Hurst
    Christie Gilson
  • International Conference on Higher Education and Disabilities– Innsbruck, Austria: A Brief History
    Ken Zangla
    Naomi Moore
    Alan Hurst
  • International Exchange with a Disability: Enhancing Experiences Abroad through Advising and Mentoring (Practice Brief)
    Ashley Holben
    Claire Özel
  • Australian Higher Education Policy and Inclusion of People with Disabilities: A Review
    Judy Hartley
  • Recent Progress and Future Challenges in Disability Student Services in Japan
    Takeo Kondo
    Tomone Takahashi
    Mayumi Shirasawa
  • Disability Awareness and University Staff Training in Ireland (Practice Brief)
    Lisa Padden
    Carol Ellis
  • International Comparisons of Inclusive Instruction Among College Faculty in Spain, Canada, and the United States
    Allison Lombardi
    Boris Vukovic
    Ingrid Sala-Bars
  • Educating Nursing Students with Disabilities: Replacing Essential Functions with Technical Standards for Program Entry Criteria
    Susan B. Matt
    Donna Maheady
    Susan E. Fleming
  • Universal Design for Learning and its Application to Clinical Placements in Health Science Courses (Practice Brief)
    Ann Heelan
    Phil Halligan
    Mary Quirke
  • Book Review
    Barbara Waters
  • Author Guidelines