JPED Volume 30 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 30, 2017 Issue 3: Table of Contents

  • Facilitating Access to, and Success in, Higher Education: From the Editor
    Roger D. Wessel
  • College Students with Disabilities: The Relationship Between Student Characteristics, the Academic Environment, and Performance
    Allison R. Fleming
    Anthony J. Plotner
    Kathleen Marie Oertle
  • Universal Design and Disability: Assessing Faculty Beliefs, Knowledge, and Confidence in Universal Design for Instruction Joseph K. Hartsoe Susan R. Barclay
  • Doggone Good? Potential Benefits of Assistance Animals for Students on College Campuses Amanda K. Polking Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White Tracy L. Stout
  • College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perceptions of Social Supports that Buffer College-Related Stress and Facilitate Academic Success Robert A. LeGary, Jr.
  • College Preparation Program for High School Youth Who Are Blind: The Summer Academy Wendy A. Coduti James T. Herbert Yung-Chen Chiu Deniz Aydemir Döke
  • "The Most Defining Experience:" Undergraduate University Students' Experiences Mentoring Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Susan M. Ryan Jeanne M. Nauheimer Cassandra L. George E. Bryan Dague
  • Becoming Self-Determined: Creating Thoughtful Learners in a Standards-Driven, Admissions-Frenzied Culture (Book Review) Linda Nissenbaum