Disability Studies

'Don’t call me inspirational”--Harilyn Rousso

The Disability Studies SIG was established to provide a forum to share resources, ideas and support to AHEAD members in their efforts to learn more about disability culture and explore possibilities to expand or implement Disability Studies programs and activities on their campuses. The content of this website is provided by Disability Studies SIG participants for educational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the position of AHEAD.

The Disability Studies SIG meets during the annual International AHEAD Conference. Check the program schedule for meeting time and location.

SIG Chairs:

Suggested Reading & Films

Bending Over Backwards by Lennard Davis
Claiming Disability by Simi Linton Disability
(A Life Course Approach) by Mark Priestley (Polity Press)
Disability and the Media by Charles A Riley II (University Press of New England)
Disability Studies edited by Snyder, Brueggelmann, Garland-Thomson
Enforcing Normalcy by Lennard Davis
Extraordinary Bodies by Rosemarie Garland Thomson
GLQ: Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies published by Duke University Press
Learning Outside the Lines by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole (Fireside)
Mental Retardation in America, A Historical Reader Edited by Steven Noll and James W. Trent Jr. (NYU Press)
My Sense of Silence by Lennard Davis The Body and Physical Difference (Discourses of Disability) Edited by David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder (University of Michigan Press)
The Difference That Disability Makes by Rod Michalko (Temple UP)
The New Disability History edited by Paul Longmore and Lauri Umansky
Voices from the Edge edited by Ruth O'Brien
Why I Burned My Book and other Essays on Disability by Paul Longmore (Temple University Press)
Disability and the Media by Beth Haller
Don’t Call Me Inspirational by Harilyn Rousso

Suggested Films for Discussion

FILMS (contemporary)

Voices of the ADA Generation A Beautiful Mind (psychiatric) Children of a Lesser God (deafness) Dirty Filthy Love (Tourettes, OCD) Garden State (seizure disorder) Million Dollar Baby (neck/spinal cord) The Miracle Worker (deaf/blind) My Left Foot (CP) Ray (blindness) The Piano (deafness) The Sea Inside (neck/spinal cord) The Aviator (OCD)

FILMS (old classics)

Elephant Man (congenital abnormality) Hunchback of Notre Dame (mobility) Phantom of the Opera (burn disfigurement) The Beast with Five Fingers (stroke)


Additional Resources

AHEAD 2015 1.3 Disability Studies 101

Article for HUB

Resources Online

Society for Disability Studies: http://www.uic.edu/orgs/sds/generalinfo.html Disability Studies Temple University blog: http://disstud.blogspot.com/

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