Westin Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are either doubles (2 queens) with a nightstand between the beds or single (king) with a nightstand on either side of the bed.  There is a light on each nightstand.

The room key unlocks the door by placing the key at the sensor above the door handle.  No inserting the key is necessary.  The lock will ‘click’ when unlocked.  Inside the door, there is a deadbolt level above the door handle and also a security wire loop.

As you enter the room, the entrance to the bathroom is located behind the open room door.  Next to the bathroom is a ‘closet’ with the door opening into the entryway.   As you enter the bedroom area, the head of the bed is on the same side of the room as the bathroom.  Across from the bed is a ‘dresser’.  On top of the dress is a coffee maker and flat screen TV.  The lower part of the ‘dresser’ has three drawers for clothing storage; the center area has a safe (instructions available from front desk) and an ice bucket/glasses below the safe.  The right side has a mini-refrigerator.

Next to the dresser and the outside wall is a desk with a telephone and lamp.

All lamps have toggle switches at the base (front) and an electrical outlet on one side and a USB connector on the other.

Between the bed and the outside wall is a chair and side table.  Next to the outside wall is the heating/air conditioning unit with the thermostat at the top. 



The window does not have typical sheer curtains that close together with a drapery wand, but the curtain raises/lowers by a chair cord on the side of the window.  There is a privacy curtain that closes by using drapery wands and pulling the curtains together.