Approved Research Projects

The projects listed below have undergone formal review by the AHEAD Research Review Panel. For a project to be accepted, it must align with the mission and values of AHEAD and comply with specified research standards. As part of receiving approval from the panel, researchers agree to provide an overview or abstract of their project as well as a summary of findings upon completion of the study.


  • Neurodivergent Undergraduate Students’ Self-Concept in STEM (project overview)
    Researcher: Stephen Podowitz-Thomas, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Including Disability as an Element of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education: Validating Barriers and Promising Practices (project overview)
    Researcher: Charnessa Warren, University of Chicago
  • Accommodation Decision Making in Higher Education (project overview)
    Researcher: Zerrin Ondin, Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Hear no Burnout, See no Burnout, Speak no Burnout: Factors that Influence a Supervisor’s Ability to Accurately Perceive Subordinate Burnout (project overview)(project summary)
    Researcher: Brittany Lynner, Colorado State University
  • Long COVID in Higher Education: The Role of Disability Resource Professionals (project overview) (summary of findings)
    Researcher: Katherine Aquino, St. Johns University


  • Understanding the Experiences of College Students with Mental Health Conditions and supported Education Providers: A Needs Assessment (project overview)
    Researcher: Michelle Mullen, University of Massachusetts Medical School


  • Digital Discourse Analysis of Anonymous Posts in the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) Members Forum (project overview)
    Researcher: Paul “Cole” Eskridge, University of Arizona
  • Applying Social Model and Universal Design: Phenomenology of Initiating Change in higher Education (project overview(summary of findings)
    Researcher: Olena Marshall, DePaul University


  • Investigating Postsecondary Disability Support Outside of the College Classroom (project overview) (summary of findings)
    Researcher: Katherine C. Aquino, St. John’s University 
  • From Policy To Compliance: US Higher Education Faculty Concerns over Institutional Digital Content Accessibility Policies (project overview) and (summary of findings)
    Researcher: Ella Epshteyn, Northeastern University


  • Bridging Abilities: A National Survey of School Psychologists, School Counselors, and College Disability Services Coordinators  (project overview) and (final report)
    Researcher: Trina Geye, Tarleton State University
  • Acceptance of Disability and College Transition: Factors contributing to Adjustment for Students with Mental Health Disabilities  (project overview)
    Researcher: Marianne Balton, Oakland University


  • An Organizational Study:  Moving AHEAD Through the Social Model of Disability and Universal Design for Learning (project overview)
    Researcher: Rose Kreston, Colorado State University
  • An Examination of Student Mental Health Services and Supports in Institutions of Higher Education (project overview and final report)
    Researcher: National Council on Disability, in collaboration with RTI International


  • Sexual Assault of Students with Disabilities on College Campuses (project overview and final report)
    Researcher: National Council on Disability, in collaboration with RTI International