Advisory Council & Stakeholder Groups

Member involvement is crucial to AHEAD’s growth and development. While the Association offers many opportunities for member engagement, the Board of Directors specifically recognizes the importance of tapping into member energy and expertise in four areas of development: diversity and inclusion, member development, professional development and public policy. Member engagement with these topics is supported through AHEAD’s website discussion boards (“Communities”) that are open to all members.

The Advisory Council is a formal structure designed to increase the number of members involved in these crucial conversations and to streamline communication on these topics between the Board and the membership. The Advisory Council is made up of one to two organizing representatives of each group who foster the growth of the groups, bring issues of concern to the Board, and organize the group to respond to Board requests for assistance with projects, on ad-hoc committees, and with other targeted goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Community
Chaired by Mary Lee Vance, California State University - Sacramento,

  • Purpose  – This group develops awareness among members and the association in general about diversity in relation to all aspects of the association, its business, members and practices; assesses means through which the association is represented and inclusive of diversity; fosters inclusion of all members within the association equally and with equity; ensures that association events and activities are inclusive and responsive to diverse constituencies; and provides members with resources to promote inclusive environments for all students in college and university communities but especially students with disabilities.
  • Visit the Diversity and Inclusion page or join the community.

Member Development Community
Organized by Gavin Steiger,

  • Purpose – This group works to expand the general membership of AHEAD; recommends new constituencies and vehicles to engage prospective members; develops and recommends methods to incorporate international members and groups into the fabric of the Association; recommends ways to promote upward career mobility for disability service professionals; fosters connections with and expansion of the AHEAD Affiliates Program; addresses methods to mentor new members; evaluates and recommends resources needed by members; evaluates and recommends changes to the Knowledge & Practice Community structure.
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Professional Development Community
Organized by Cheryl Muller, University of Arizona,

  • Purpose – This group evaluates and develops/recommends means to address and foster professional competency of AHEAD members; reviews and recommends methodologies used for professional development; explores collaborative professional development offerings with other entities to include colleges and universities and other professional organizations; assesses and recommends resources for disseminating professional information; augments, supports and informs the work of Association staff member responsible for overseeing the direct implementation and management of professional development initiatives.
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Public Policy Community
Chaired by Scott Lissner, The Ohio State University,

  • Purpose  – This group monitors, educates, and recommends Board and member action on policy matters pertaining to disability in a broad sphere that has direct relevance to higher education or is indirectly linked to higher education; develops or facilitates development of member resources specific to regulatory information; informs members and the Board of emerging issues in the legislative and regulatory spheres; provides guidance to the Board on areas where influence from the Association is needed.
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