Advertising & Marketing

Sponsored Webinars

AHEAD is pleased to offer a new marketing opportunity for organizations wishing to make their products and services better known to the AHEAD membership: Sponsored Webinars.

Sponsored Webinars are hosted by AHEAD using Adobe Connect and free to the AHEAD membership. All webinars include real-time captioning, enhanced audio via a phone conferencing system, marketing and PR, tech support, and a recording of the webinar posted to AHEAD’s website as an ongoing resource for members. The cost for sponsoring a webinar is $2,000.  

Currently Available Sponsored Webinar Dates
All Sponsored Webinars are scheduled on Wednesdays from 3 - 4 p.m. Eastern.

  • Additional dates coming soon.

AHEAD’s Sponsored Webinars

  • All Sponsored Webinars shall relate to the activities of AHEAD and its members and shall not detract from the general character of the Association. Accordingly, AHEAD reserves the right to reject any application, which it feels at its sole discretion, is not appropriate. AHEAD’s decision will be final.
  • Sponsored webinars are only available to AHEAD partner members that are sponsors at AHEAD’s annual conference.  
  • AHEAD does not charge members to attend Sponsored Webinars, require members to register, or collect information about attendees before, during, or after the webinar.
  • Sponsored Webinars are provided to AHEAD members on a “first come, first serve” basis, with a cap of 90 live participants due to Adobe Connect licensing.
  • AHEAD will promote the webinar both on its website and through emails to the full membership and share with members any information provided by the organization sponsoring the webinar, with the final content approved and edited by AHEAD.
  • AHEAD cannot guarantee a minimum number of live participants or a minimum number of members who will access the recording.
  • AHEAD cannot extend webinars beyond the end time due to scheduling of phone lines and captioning.
  • AHEAD records all webinars. Sponsors will be sent a link to the webinar recording (URL) once the webinar is completed and payment is received. The link will be posted to AHEAD’s webinar as a member resource. Sponsors are welcome to distribute and use the recording of the webinar.

Sponsor/Presenter Guidelines:

  • Webinar sponsors must arrange for a host to provide introductions, help field questions from attendees to presenters, etc. More information on the role will be provided.
  • Only PowerPoint slides can be used during the webinar. Screen-sharing, videos, audio files, etc. cannot be part of any Sponsored Webinars.
  • PowerPoint slides for the webinar must be received by AHEAD three (3) business days prior to the webinar to allow adequate preparation of Adobe Connect and for the captionist
  • All presenters and hosts must use the toll-free conference phone number that will be provided prior to the webinar date. Skype and other similar services provided via the Internet cannot be used.
  • AHEAD will schedule a “test meeting” for webinar presenters and hosts two weeks prior to all live webinars. The “test meeting” provides information on using Adobe Connect and typically lasts less than 30 minutes. 
For additional information about purchasing a Sponsored Webinar spot, please contact Jane Johnston at

Website Adverstising

Each year, 12 organizations are afforded the opportunity to be advertise on the AHEAD Homepage located in the lower right corner and within internal pages on the website.  AHEAD limits this advertising to one ad at a time to ensure that the position is truly an important place demanding attention. The cost, schedule, and availability for this sponsorship is as follows for the 2020 Calendar Year.

  • January 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • February 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • March 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • April 2020 - $400.00 (Unavailable)
  • May 2020 - $550.00 (Unavailable)
  • June 2020 - $500.00 (Unavailable)
  • July 2020 - $400.00 (Unavailable)
  • August 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • September 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • October 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • November 2020 - $350.00 (Unavailable)
  • December 2020 - $350.00 (Available)

Please contact , AHEAD’s director of innovation and development, to secure your sponsorship advertising on the AHEAD website.

Exhibit Halls

AHEAD offers the opportunity for organizations to showcase their products and services through Exhibit Halls during its annual conference "Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education" and during the Accessing Higher Ground conference.