Kansas AHEAD

About us

History: In 1985, disability services providers at Kansas and Missouri colleges began meeting on a yearly basis to network. Out of that small beginning, the Great Plains Regional AHEAD group emerged, reaching out to disability service providers in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. That group now hosts an annual conference providing professional development, nationally-known speakers, and ample networking opportunities. The Great Plains Regional AHEAD now has 3 AHEAD affiliate groups: MOAHEAD, the oldest and most established, KanAHEAD, and the Western Iowa Nebraska group known as WinAHEAD.

KanAHEAD In 2002, representatives to the Regional AHEAD group from Kansas colleges determined there was a need to formally organize and so KanAHEAD was born. Membership applications were mailed to all post-secondary institutions in Kansas and the result was phenomenal: 46 of the 55 institutions chose to join KanAHEAD.

Mission The purpose of KanAHEAD is to:

A. Strengthen the professionalism, expertise, and competency of personnel working with students with disabilities at Kansas postsecondary institutions through:

  • Encouraging the development and expansion of a communications network
  • Developing the capability to make timely and meaningful responses to issues and concerns affecting the educational resources or environment of students with disabilities; and
  • Serving as a mechanism to facilitate the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of information for persons professionally involved in programs for students with disabilities.

B. Promote the equal rights and opportunities of post-secondary students and graduates with disabilities.

C. Promote coordination among agencies working with post-secondary students with disabilities.

D. Encourage and support legislation for the benefit of post-secondary students with disabilities.

E. Provided further, Kansas AHEAD is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes.