Minnesota AHEAD

The Minnesota Association of Higher Education and Disability is an organization of professionals committed to full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities. The organization is dedicated to serving as a resource in promoting excellence through networking among professionals, dissemination of information, and providing or promoting professional development opportunities. Members network through the annual Summer Seminar conference, monthly meetings on current disability issues, topics and trends, and the MN AHEAD statewide listserv. MN AHEAD welcomes new members and encourages their participation. We currently have over 100 registered members from various regions of Minnesota. All members work in some capacity with students with disabilities at a variety of locations including (but not limited to):
  • State universities
  • Private colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Technical colleges
  • K-12 special education
  • Community or state agencies serving individuals with disabilities
Member occupations include:
  • Accommodation coordinators
  • Disability specialists
  • Access consultants
  • Disability directors and assistant directors
  • Academic success staff members
  • Higher education administrators
  • Community or states services professionals
  • K-12 educators
  • Private practitioners