Minnesota AHEAD

MN AHEAD provides support and education to professionals working with secondary and post-secondary students with disabilities. Members network through the Annual Spring Conference, monthly meetings on current disability issues/agencies/technology, and bi-annual electronic newsletters. MN AHEAD welcomes new members and encourages their participation. We currently have approximately 65 members in good standing on our mailing list for the monthly meetings. Most of the members are from various regions of Minnesota. All of them work in some capacity with adults with disabilities at a variety of locations including:

  • Universities
  • Private 4-year colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Technical colleges
  • DRS offices
  • Community or state agencies serving adults with disabilities
  • Public school transition programs
  • Private diagnostic services
  • State Department of Education

Member occupations include:

  • Special needs coordinators
  • Program coordinators
  • Disability specialists
  • Learning center staff members
  • Private practitioners
  • Higher education administrators
  • Transition counselors
  • DRS counselors

MNAHEAD began in approximately 1994 when it's two predessor organizations, HECLD (Higher Education Consortium on Learning Disabilities) and 4-S (Special Student Support Services) merged to form what is now Minnesota Association on Higher Education and Disability. Many years ago HECLD was founded by Judy Schuck and Kia Sven. 4-S's beginnings are unclear. However some of its earliest members included Linda Wolford, Richard Allegra, David Schrot, Diane Glorvigen, Jean Ness and Kate Storey. The number of people on 4-S's mailing list grew steadily from 1991-1994 and when combined with the professionals on the HECLD list, gave them a good base for launching our current organization. HECLD had always held a spring conference, while 4-S had been a monthly speaker meeting. When the strengths and the functions of both organizations were combined, the result was a lively, diverse group of professionals dedicated to disability services.