AHEAD 2018 Lunch & Learn

On Wednesday and Thursday during the lunch hour (12:45-1:45), join AHEAD’s sponsor/exhibitors for an in-depth look at some of their popular products for higher education. As disability service professionals, we know how often products and services offered by external sources can answer some of our most challenging questions. Bring your cash-and-carry lunch and your questions and keep learning during lunch!

Keep your eyes on this page to learn more about our featured Lunch & Learn sessions.


Deaf Services: Don’t be caught off guard.  
Diana Kautzky, Deaf Services Unlimited

At Deaf Services Unlimited, we’re all about connecting people. Facilitating communication between Deaf people and hearing people is our business… and nobody does it better! Learn how Deaf Services Unlimited can be your partner in providing excellent and equitable accommodation for everyone.

It’s 2018 - Are Peer Notes Really the Right Accommodation?
Caren Archer, Purdue University
Dave Tucker, Sonocent LLC

With its focus on social justice, sustainability, and independence, Purdue’s Disability Resource Center explored new tools for students who were struggling with note-taking. Caren will describe why the university changed its approach by adding an audio note-taking technology to its traditional accommodation of paid note takers. We explore how case studies and data explain how it has made a difference for students and the department.

I See What You Are Saying: Artificial Intelligence Solutions to the Speech to text Dilemma.
Elvire Lukov, Verbit Software Ltd.

Forty-five years after passage of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, colleges and universities continue to struggle with compliance, particularly in making auditory information accessible to deaf and hard of hearing students. Verbit provides a transcription and caption solution that combines AI technology with human intelligence to quickly produce highly accurate results. Verbit's technology is tailored to education, meaning the AI engine is trained to recognize common terms and improve over time. The platform integrates with all major learning management systems. Valerie Sturm how she found an innovative transcription and captioning solution without compromising quality, speed or costs.

Enabling student success through an inclusive learning environment
Scott Ready, Principal Strategist, Accessibility – Blackboard

Creating an inclusive learning environment can benefit all students. In this session, we will discuss some of the challenges we face today and how you can improve accessibility through planning, design, and the use of available technology to create access for all learners.


Accessibility as a Shared Responsibility: Creating a Collaborative Model for Student Success
Lisa Toft, University of Southern California
Shane Davis, Baylor University
Catie Flynn, Tufts University

Executive leadership buy-in and involving faculty early and often are essential to properly supporting accessibility policies and planning campus accessibility programs. Join Symplicity and a panel of accessibility professionals to discuss real examples of building awareness and engaging campus stakeholders, including executive leadership and faculty, to create an effective student success model that supports inclusivity.

Captioning for wider impact
Eileen Hopkins, Ai-Media

The world is full of great content – but much of it isn’t accessible to everyone which leaves people excluded. We’ve built our business to bridge this gap. Our thousands of hours of captioned content have enabled us to understand words and their impact. At every age, every-one should have the right to reach and maintain their full potential. Captioning offers that possibility. Don’t miss the opportunity!

It's in The Syllabus, But Not For Everyone
Jordan Cameron, Kennesaw State University

What is the one document that every student in every course interacts with? The syllabus. But is every syllabus accessible to every student? Learn how Concourse can ensure all syllabi are fully accessible, plus promote disability support services across your entire institution.