2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall Presentation Schedule

Monday and Tuesday, July 26th & 27th 2021

Individual Presentations from 11-5 EDT both days


For many years AHEAD has highlighted its vendor partners through an onsite Exhibit Hall during the annual conference. Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to offer a safe onsite Exhibit Hall in Austin this year.

Therefore, we are taking the Exhibit Hall virtual! Please mark your calendars and plan to join us  on July 26th and 27th from 11 am to 5 pm EDT.

Each exhibitor sponsor will offer a 30-minute presentation and respond to questions. You are welcome to drop into all or just a few of these presentations, depending on your interests. The presentations will be open to the full AHEAD membership and all registrants.  

Instructions on how to join the presentations will be emailed to all registrants closer to the beginning of the conference.

The full schedule is available below.

Monday, July 26

11 am - Verbit

Broadening The Realm of Possibilities
How all students can benefit from tools and functionality initially designed for those with disabilities
How can tools which were initially designed to serve students navigating disabilities actually provide an educational pedagogical benefit to additional cohorts of students? Incorporating more technologies into the learning process makes for the best experience for all. We’ll tackle topics like captioning, Zoom, and how certain technologies can create more ease in daily life.

Scott Ready & Dr. Misty Cobb


11:30 am - Sonova USA, INC

 “Our mission is to provide innovate hearing solutions, accommodation guidance, and education for students transitioning to post-secondary education and the workplace. We believe that a holistic approach is necessary which considers solutions beyond a hearing aid. "

“First look at the newest Roger microphone – Roger On”

The focus of discussion will be exciting new Roger product updates. Also covered in this session are the basics of ALD recommendation tailored around daily classroom demands, plus our recommendations for outside the box uses of Roger such as: recording, captioning, and hybrid classroom communication.

Bill Bielski


12:00 pm -Ai Media/ACS

What in the world is happening with CART, Captioning and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)? 

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to review current text services for students who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, including the changes we have seen during the pandemic, as well as experience and understand the uses of ASR and how they can be applied in the educational setting. 

Philip A. Hyssong, Chief Customer Officer


12:30 pm - Bloom Consulting

Campus Connections: A Wraparound, Job Placement-Focused College Support Model

This brief presentation will discuss the Campus Connections model and its integration of college support coaching, Wraparound, vocational assessment, and post-graduation job placement. In addition, the presenters will discuss the origin of the model and how it stemmed from the CASE program model at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.

Dr. James Williams, CRC, ACAS National Director of Campus Connections


1 pm- Hamilton CapTel

Captioned Telephone: Remote Connections during COVID-19

Since 2003, Hamilton® CapTel® has made more than 220 million captioned telephone conversations possible for individuals with hearing loss. The outbreak of COVID-19 and resulting social distancing protocols introduced new communication challenges. With Hamilton CapTel captioned telephones, people with hearing loss can stay connected and engaged.

Mitchell Levy, CapTel Product Manager


1:30 pm - Texthelp

Updates and Developments to Texthelp’s Read&Write and the PDF Reader

As a result of the ever changing educational landscape, Read&Write and its PDF Reader have undergone a recent rewrite. We’ll spend time showcasing the update, talk about what’s on the roadmap, and explore how these tools provide increased functionality in LMSs, the web, and with a range of content. 

Rachel Kruzel - Territory Director – Texthelp


2 pm - Readspeaker

Why TTS and Accessibility are Important in Assessments

Are your students struggling with assessments?  Are they able to consume the content without distractions? Students need various tools to digest information and demonstrate what they have learned, and by using UDL methodology, ReadSpeaker assists students by providing accessibility tools combined with award-winning TTS voices within our certified LMS integrations.

Kathy Wood and Ginger Dewey


2:30 pm - Present Pal

Using technology to promote equity in oral communication for students with disabilities.

Oral communication can be a barrier for disabled students, with 95% experiencing communication anxiety. In this session, Jordan Colbert (Yale) and Amer Latif (Present Pal) will explore oral communication challenges for disabled students in Higher Education environments, and the role technology plays in promoting oral communication equity.

Amer Latif (VP of Sales, Present Pal)
Jordan Colbert, MMFT (Associate Director of Student Accessibility Services at Yale University)


3 pm - CUNY School of Professional Studies

Professionalizing Disability Services - CUNY's Online Master's in Disability Services

Are there gaps in your professional skills? Come and learn about how the MS in Disability Services in Higher Education can benefit you!  This online master's degree equips Disability Service staff with greater knowledge and skills to support students with disabilities. The Disability Studies Program Academic Director, Assistant Director, and alumni will speak about their experience. Get all of your questions answered!

Mariette Bates, Distinguished Lecturer and Academic Director, Disability Studies Program, CUNY SPS
Tamara Colon, Assistant Director, Disability Studies Program
Phillip Ferrigon, Accessibility Specialist, Moses Center for Student Accessibility, New York University
Crystal Vazquez, Associate Director, Office of Accessibility, Guttman Community College, CUNY


3:30 pm - Crownpeak

Getting Started on Your Digital Accessibility Journey

With over 20% of the world’s population living with some form of disability, most organizations understand why digital accessibility matters, but companies are still struggling with how to address this issue.  In this presentation, we will outline practical steps to consider in creating and executing an effective digital accessibility program.

Ashley Barker- Solutions Engineer, Specializing in Digital Accessibility Management


4 pm -Northern Arizona University.

Learn about NAU’s new Disability Resources Graduate Certificate program. Jamie Axelrod will provide an overview of the program, course offerings and on-line modality. If you are looking for a Graduate program that can help establish a strong foundation for your career stop by and see what NAU’s program is all about.

Jamie Axelrod


4:30 pm - JST Coaching & Training

From Problem to Possibility:  Using Coaching Skills to Manage Student Challenges

Wondering how to lead conversations with students who are unable to see beyond the “problem?” The coaching process offers discovery in situations where students feel stuck and without power. We will demonstrate how Student Success Coaching Skills training can help you/your team effectively facilitate conversations that foster positive outcomes.

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Founder & CEO
Christina Fabrey, Director of Higher Education Programs

Tuesday, July 27

11:00 am - Glean

Future proofing your note taking support with Glean for Education

Glean for Education gives your students the antidote to information overload, and you the tools to provide an inclusive note taking accommodation that drives success for all students. Join our session to find out how Glean can help you move away from peer notes and implement a modern, tech-first accommodation.

Mais Wilsher, Customer Solutions Executive, Glean (formerly Sonocent)


11:30 am - uExamS

Bridging the Gap for Accommodations in Remote Learning and Testing

uExamS CEO, Ekta Kochar, discusses the challenges facing students with accommodations during the shift to remote learning and testing. She'll follow with an introduction to REMOTEi, uExamS's remote platform—the first to facilitate remote, human-based accommodations—and how disability services teams can leverage it to support students wherever they are.

Ekta Kochar,  CEO, uExamS
Barry Tonoff, Director of Sales & Marketing, uExamS


12:00 pm - CommonLook

Document Accessibility Solutions for Higher Education

Ensuring documents are fully accessible to all students should be a priority for any higher education organization. CommonLook has focused on ensuring PDF documents are fully accessible for the last 20+ years. This session reviews the CommonLook tools and services that help higher education achieve 100% accessible documents.

Eugene Matusevitch, Document Accessibility Consultant at CommonLook


12:30 pm -TechnoPro Computer Solutions

"ClockWork- Trusted by more than 3123+ student service professionals"

ClockWork is still the leading provider of software solutions that are specifically designed to meet the custom needs of disability/ accessibility services department. Learn more about ClockWorks' current developments in the area of student connectivity and integrations with other technology such as zoom, on-call, and other future developments. 

Mary Baddam, Operations Manager
George Melendy, Clockwork Management Consultant
Sharon Mone, MBA Program director, University of Vermont



1:00 pm - Vispero

Providing Assistive Technology for those that are Blind & Low Vision on and off-campus

Learn how some community college districts and state higher ed systems provide JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion to every campus with an annual software plan.  Your students, faculty, and staff will not only have access while on campus but also while at home at no additional fee to the school. 

Michael Wood, Vispero
Douglas Gerry, Vispero


1:30 pm - T-Base Communications USA, Inc.

Accessible Documents Made Easy: Introducing T-Base’s Self-Serve Transcription Tool
Learn how a new self-serve document transcription tool is revolutionizing the process for transcribing accessible instructional materials, making it possible for educational institutions to provide their students with alternate formats in a quick, effective and affordable way.

Jeff Jullion- National Account Executive, Education


2:00 pm - HRI-CART, LLC

 What's old is new again, a 2021 captioning update!

With a new automated speech recognition (ASR) product being introduced almost daily, is new better? Trained and nationally certified, human-based captioning have been the gold standard in speech-to-text services for over two decades. With so many options it can be intimidating to make the right choice for your student. Come and join us for a comprehensive 2021 update on captioning.

T.J. DiGrazia & Carmin Beardsley HRI-CART, LLC


2:30 pm - Continual Engine

The Journey of Invicta™: An AI-Technology Solution for STEM Image Accessibility Resulting in Exponential Savings in Costs and Time

Learn about the journey of Invicta™, an artificial intelligence technology-based solution for making STEM images accessible across several large higher education courses and programs. We will share our experience about leveraging sophisticated technology along with collaboration, workflows, and change management to drive affordable, effective, and scaled accessibility outcomes in STEM disciplines.

 Vijayshree Vethantham – VP Partner Engagements, Continual Engine 
Rajiv Narayana – President/CEO (ansrsource), and Chief Learning Officer (Continual Engine)

Rajat Prakash – Product Owner, Continual Engine


3 pm - Symplicity

A Holistic Student Approach to Disability Services 

Learn how data can enhance intersectional student engagement, increase student outcomes, and gain buy-in from university leadership. In this session hear from a Symplicity client and disability services professional on the best ways to support students with a disability for not only their accommodation, but their wellbeing, career outcomes, and academic success. 

Holly Zuckerman, Client Manager, Symplicity


3:30 pm - T Mobile Accessibility

The Evolution of T-Mobile Accessibility and its Impact on Equitable Communications

T-Mobile Accessibility will discuss several relay products available at no cost to consumers through existing state and federal programs – as well as offered directly to businesses. These include T-Mobile IP Relay (dba Sprint IP Relay), CapTel®, Relay Conference Captioning, and T-Mobile Teleconference Captioning.

Alana Beal & Kevin Nolan, T-Mobile Accessibility


4:00 pm -Aira

Apps, Visual Interpreters and Technology Oh My!  Tips & Tricks for Making Them All Work Together for Students with Disabilities

Aira’s Director of Community and a Visual Interpreter will provide an overview of the human-centric technology innovation, based on their first-hand experiences with students and staff.   Attendees will learn how to successfully select a technology toolkit that provides optimal outcomes for blind and low vision students as they navigate the fast changing physical and digital worlds of their educational journey.

Jenine Stanley, Director, Aira
Joshua Flewellen, Visual Interpreter 

4:30 pm - Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Focusing on Today's Care

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing services and information to those with paralysis, their families, and caregivers. Through our services, individuals are offered countless resources on paralysis as well as access to free programs that benefit the paralysis community and support an all-inclusive world. 

Kyle Marrs, Community Outreach Associate
Trish Correa, Associate Manager of Information Services and Translation