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Disability rights are at risk, and you can help!

Originally presented January 31, 2022.

There is a lawsuit pending that could have serious ramifications for disabled people nationwide. Several blind students sued the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) to get accessible written materials in classes, and the students have already won at the trial court and appeals court. But instead of taking steps to remove the barriers to 
the students, LACCD plans to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that people with disabilities cannot bring a case under a “disparate impact” theory of discrimination (a way of saying the discrimination is not intentional). However, most disability discrimination that occurs is not intentional, therefore if the LACCD wins at the Supreme Court, it would negatively impact the right to get equal access under the ADA in every aspect of life: healthcare, public accommodations, housing, mass transit, etc. 

The two sides are currently in mediation, and here’s where you come in: if the disability community and its allies put enough pressure on the LACCD now, we can influence them to settle the case instead of appealing it. The clock is ticking: if LACCD won’t settle the case by March 3, it will likely appeal to the Supreme Court, and put all ADA rights in grave danger.

Join ADA expert Paul Grossman for this half-hour webinar to learn why this case is so important, and what you can do to help prevent this case from stripping the ADA rights from all Americans. 

Captioning and ASL interpreting are included on the recording. 

Why this case is so important: a plain language explanation of the legal issues and why they are so far reaching.

Please sign this petition to tell LACCD to back off the Americans with Disabilities Act! And share this link with your friends, family, and colleagues who care about civil rights.

About Paul Grossman

Paul Grossman

Paul Grossman, J.D. is the Executive Counsel of AHEAD with over 40 years of service at OCR in Washington and San Francisco, most of them as a Chief Regional Attorney. Paul also taught disability law for over 20 years at Hastings College of Law, UC. Paul remains a frequent guest lecturer for AHEAD, CAPED, Hastings, UC Berkeley, the California Community College System and the National Association of ADA Coordinators. Paul served multiple terms on AHEAD’s Board of Directors and remains a member of the AHEAD Public Policy Committee as well as the Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) Expert Advisory Board. Through investigation, decision writing, and negotiations, Paul has addressed every form of discrimination in education including race, national origin, sex and disability, often developing new approaches for protecting the civil rights of students. Paul is the author of AHEAD’s publication, The Law of Disability Discrimination for Higher Education Professionals . Paul joins Jamie Axelrod, M.S. and Mary Lee Vance, Ph.D. in two book chapters on analytical tools and procedures for DSS officers when they face their most complex and challenging questions, planned for publication by AHEAD in Summer 2022.

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