WEBINAR: A.I. Unleashed

When:  Feb 6, 2024 from 02:00:00 PM to 03:30:00 PM (ET)

How can you improve the quality of your alt text while reducing the amount of time spent writing it? This webinar guides accessibility professionals, digital content creators, and educators through using AI to generate accurate and intricate alternative text (alt text) (an accessibility requirement for all informative images). It will provide examples of standard prompts created for Bard and Chat GPT 4 that can be uploaded with an image to quickly create high quality text, reducing the time spent on manual writing. These prompts work for a wide range of images, including but not limited to: infographics, diagrams, charts, figurative images, general images, art appreciation images, tables, scatter plots, graphs, math, and complicated equations. Finally, participants will explore best practices for using AI in accessibility work. Ultimately, this webinar can empower participants to speed their accessibility processes and enhance their online course and web accessibility, making digital content more inclusive for those with visual, learning, and cognitive disabilities, as well as those with limited internet bandwidth.