WEBINAR: Looking Inwards: Self-Auditing your Office Towards Anti-Racism and Disability Justice

When:  Mar 15, 2024 from 01:00:00 PM to 02:30:00 PM (ET)

For years, the field of disability services has been moving their hearts and minds towards a program model that espouses a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But turning words into actions requires taking a hard look in the mirror and a courageous examination of our institutional practices, including the policies and processes of a Disability Services office, that exclude multiply marginalized students. This program will be an overview of the journey that our Disability Services Office took to initiate and execute an action plan towards anti-racism, including how we developed and carried out a self-audit, the findings and results from that work, and a guided workshop so that DSPs can develop this for their own places of work.