Board of Directors Nomination and Election Process

Each year, AHEAD’s Board member nomination and election process provides AHEAD members with the opportunity to actively seek and engage new leadership who will bring critical representation, knowledge, and skills to AHEAD’s leadership. Board members have a demonstrated commitment and capacity to deliver on AHEAD’s priorities of equity, diversity, inclusion, and strategic planning. AHEAD’s Board is committed to identifying nominees who represent multiple and intersecting identities and have the capacity to integrate diverse views into Association decision-making.  

The Board consists of the Officers--President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Equity Officer—plus several Directors-at-Large, the Immediate Past President, and the AHEAD Executive Director (ex-officio). Board members serve three-year terms and can serve up to two consecutive terms. These positions require up to 10 hours per month, plus two, two-day in-person meetings per year in addition to attending the annual summer AHEAD Conference and a subsequent Board meeting. All travel expenses are paid by AHEAD. Board meetings may involve both weekdays and weekends. 

Ideal candidates for Director-at-Large positions are members of AHEAD who have experience and interest in diversity and inclusion, strategic planning and thinking, policy development, volunteer leadership and supervision, governance, and small business operations. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to any current Board member.  

Early each spring, Board nominations open: members may nominate themselves or another member for Board positions. Once added to the election slate, nominees will be required to prepare a candidate statement that provides responses to the following questions. This statement will be made public during the voting process. 

  1. Please tell us why you are interested in a Board position and discuss how your leadership and personal and professional experience will benefit AHEAD and its Board of Directors in advancing the organization’s mission and vision. 
  2. Please describe your involvement with AHEAD or AHEAD Affiliates, including any leadership positions you have held. 
  3. Please describe how you will work to advance AHEAD’s Core Values if elected to this position. 
  4. Please describe a time when you have contributed to creating a new vision for your office, or created/revamped a process, a team etc. Describe your rationale and process. 
        1. How will your unique personal and professional experiences help you to advance AHEAD’s work with respect to equity, inclusion, and diversity across our membership, professional development offerings and/or strategic outreach. 

        Voting is open for several weeks in late spring/early summer. Board election results are announced each June and terms for newly elected members begin in July.