JPED Volume 22 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 22, 2009 Issue 3: Table of Contents

 From the Editor
by James Martin

 Disability Documentation, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, and the Summary of Performance: How are they Linked? 
by Stan F. Shaw, Walter R. Keenan, Joseph W. Madaus, Manju Banerjee

 Exploring Barriers to College Student Use of Disability Services and Accommodations
by Laura Marshak, Todd Van Wieren, Diane Raeke Ferrell, Lindsay Swiss, Catherine Dugan

 Adaptation to College for Students With and Without Disabilities: Group Differences and Predictors 
by Katherine S. Adams, Briley E. Proctor

 Determining Faculty Needs for Delivering Accessible Electronically Delivered Instruction in Higher Education 
by Marsha A. Gladhart

“A Paradigm Shift on Providing Alternative Formats of Textbooks”
by Lance Alexis, Joshua Kaufman

by Rebecca Daly Cofer