JPED Volume 26 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 26, 2013 Issue 4: Table of Contents

From the Editor by David R. Parker

Measuring the Effectiveness of Universal Design for Learning Interventionin Postsecondary Education by Patricia L. Davies, Catherine L. Schelly, Craig L. Spooner

University Faculty Attitudes Toward Disability and Inclusive Instruction: Comparing Two Institutions by Allison Lombardi, Christopher Murray, Bryan Dallas

College Success of Students with Psychiatric Disabilities: Barriers of Access and Distraction by Robert C. McEwan, Robert Downie

University and Disability: An Italian Experience of Inclusion by Silvia Maggiolini, Paola Molteni

The Effect of Extended Test Time for Students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by M. Nichole Wadley, Laura Liljequist

PRACTICE BRIEF “Transforming Barriers into Bridges: The Benefits of a Student-Driven Accessibility Planning Committee” by José Reis Lagarto, Ana Mineiro, Joana Pereira

PRACTICE BRIEF “Assessing Compensatory Strategies and Motivational Factors in High-Achieving Postsecondary Students with ADHD ” by Stephanie J. Cragg, Kristina Nikolova, Irene Carter

Book Review by Rose Kreston