JPED Volume 27 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 27, 2014 Issue 3: Table of Contents

  • From the Editor by David R. Parker
  • Evaluating the Effects of a Self-Advocacy Training Program for Undergraduates with Disabilities by
    Glen W. White, Jean Ann Summers, E Zhang, Val Renault
  • Providing Support to Postsecondary Students with Disabilities to Request Accommodations: A Framework for Intervention by
    Jean Ann Summers, Glen W. White, E Zhang, Jeffrey M. Gordon
  • Students with Disabilities Choosing Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Majors in Postsecondary Institutions by
    Ahlam Lee
  • College and University Students with Disabilities: “Modifiable” Personal and School Related Factors Pertinent to Grades and Graduation by
    Catherine S. Fichten, Mai N. Nguyen, Jillian Budd, Mary Jorgensen, Maria Barile, Jennison Asuncion, Rhonda Amsel, Anthony Tibbs
  • Academic Attainment of Students with Disabilities in Distance Education by John T. E. Richardson
  • Examining Career Readiness and Positive Affect in a Group of College Students with Disabilities: A Pilot Study by Susann Heft Sears, David R. Strauser, Alex W. K. Wong
  • Attitudes of Nursing Faculty Towards Nursing Students with Disabilities: An Integrative Review by Janet A. Levey
  • PRACTICE BRIEF Interdisciplinary Support Services for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Susan Longtin
  • Editorial and AHEAD Boards 
  • Author Guidelines