JPED Volume 29 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 29, 2016 Issue 3: Table of Contents

  • From the Guest Editor
    Larry Markle
  • Disability Services Partnerships with Faculty Members Sally Scott
    Larry Markle
    Roger D. Wessel
    Jennifer Desmond
  • Doing the Right Thing: One University's Approach to Digital Accessibility
    Jill A. Sieben-Schneider
    Valerie A. Hamilton-Brodie
  • Closed Captioning Matters: Examining the Value of Closed Captions for All Students
    Karla Kmetz Morris
    Casey Frechette
    Lyman Dukes III
    Nicole Stowell
    Nicole Emert Topping
    David Brodosi
  • Digital Media Education and Advocacy: Addressing Attitudes Toward Disability on College Campuses
    Michael T. Hartley
    Aimee C. Mapes
    Aryn Taylor
    Paul J. Bourgeois
  • Academic Coaching and Self-Regulation: Promoting the Success of Students with Disabilities
    Joshua J. Mitchell Ann M. Gansemer-Topf
  • An Academic Coaching Model Intervention for College Students on the Autism Spectrum
    Heather Rando
    Mary J. Huber
    Gina R. Oswald
  • Developing Peer Supports for College Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Megan M. Griffin
    Kelly F. Wendel
    Tammy L. Day
    Elise D. McMillan
  • Changing Systems to Provide Inclusive Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
    Olivia Raynor
    Katharine Hayward
    Wilbert Francis
    Catherine Campisi
  • Comprehensive Services Tailored for the Transitional Success of Veterans in Higher Education
    Dustin D. Lange
    Susann Heft Sears
    Nicholas J. Osborne
  • From Camouflage to Classroom: Designing a Transition Curriculum for New Student Veterans
    Nicholas J. Osborne
  • Strategies and Challenges for Creating an Inclusive Study Abroad Program
    Tanja C. Link
  • McDaniel Step Ahead: A Summer Transitional Program for First Year College Students with Disabilities
    Dana L. Lawson
    Sarah A. Gould
    Melanie L. Conley
  • Universal Design: Supporting Students with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) in Medical Education
    Lisa M. Meeks
    Neera R. Jain
    Kurt R. Herzer