JPED Volume 31 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

  • The Breadth and Depth of Disability-Related Literature:  From the Editor
    Roger D. Wessel
  • The Impact of Transition Services in Facilitating College Degree for Students with Visual Impairments: Post-Bachelor’s Degree Perspectives
    Paige R. Mask
    Vicki DePountis
  • A Descriptive Review of ADHD Coaching Research: Implications for College Students
    Elizabeth Ahmann
    Lisa Joy Tuttle
    Micah Saviet
    Sarah D. Wright
  • Investigating the Outcomes and Perceptions of an Inclusive Aquatic Exercise Class for University Students with Physical Disabilities
    Jennifer Dysterheft
    Gioella Chaparro
    Laura Rice
    Ian Rice
  • Perspectives of North American Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities: A Scoping Review
    Amy Lightfoot
    Roya Janemi
    Debbie Laliberte Rudman
  • Applying Salutogenesis to the Experiences of Students with Disabilities in the Netherlands
    Myriam Dell’Olio
    Lenneke Vaandrager
    Maria Koelen
  • An Innovative Postsecondary Education Program for Students with Disabilities in STEM (Practice Brief)
    Caroline Dunn
    David Shannon
    Brittany McCullough
    Overtoun Jenda
    Mohammed Qazi
  • Author Guidelines