JPED Volume 32 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

Identifying as a College Student with a Disability: From the Editor

Roger D. Wessel

The Self-(un)Identification of Disability in Higher Education                                                                

Katherine C. Aquino

Joshua D. Bittinger

Perceptions of College Students with Disabilities

D. Akin

Lisa M. Huang

Returning to the Classroom Following Sport-Related Concussion:  Perspectives of College Student Athletes

Amanda Acord-Vira

Reagan Curtis

Diana Davis

Steven Wheeler

Investigating Challenges and Preferred Instructional Strategies in STEM

Thomas D. Cox

Brian Ogle

Laurie O. Campbell

Learning Strategy Instruction for College Students with Disabilities: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Michael Faggella-Luby

Nicholas Gelbar

Lyman Dukes III

Joseph Madaus

Adam Lalor

Allison Lombardi

The Effects of Completing PREP Academy: A University-Based Transition Project for Students with Disabilities (Practice Brief)

Jeremy W. Ford

Julianna A. Wenner

Victoria Murphy

Promoting an Accessible Learning Environment for Students with Disabilities via Faculty Development (Practice Brief)

Feilin Hsiao

Sheryl Burgstahler

Terri Johnson

Daniel Nuss

Michael Doherty